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Sep 262009

Meditation means Dhyana in sanskrit. It can be defined as “Meditation is a path to self realization” or “a journey towards God”.

It is a kind of spiritual practice which can bind the mind, body and soul together. Meditation is the eternal flow of our thoughts about the almighty or the soul. It makes us think only about God and nothing else. Meditation can not be taught or learned but it is experienced after a long practice.

Our concentration is focused on one particular thing. An inner peace, inner joy and peace of mind are experienced after long practice of it. Our control on our mind is gradually gained and the centre point of our being is filled with wisdom, bliss and ecstasy. It makes us understand the function of our mind which brings change in our lives and we gain ability to control our emotions, thought pattern and our mental state. Its regularity can open up the paths of intuitive knowledge and makes our mind calm and ecstatic. All our doubts regarding God and our lives get cleared after practicing regularly.

It not only helps us to get up to our goals but improves our ability to choose wiser goals. Many problems of our physical ailments are cured, blood pressure gets normal, decreasing heart rate, improve our memory and many other health benefits. All bliss of divinity and life get merge deeply into our meditation.

It is defined as a way of exploring the method or technique to put less burden of stress. It was pursued as a religious technique to get near the God but now its benefits regarding body and mind are being accepted. Meditation has been studied as the best way for our health care, increasing longevity and maintaining quality of life. Meditation closes down all the materialistic thoughts of our mind and it makes us to think about God only. It is rightly defined that it is our prayer when we speak but it is called meditation when we listen.

Our restlessness of mind is calmed down by meditation and our spiritual consciousness is awakened. Its regular practice can get us inner peace and freedom from our uncontrolled thinking. Our nerves, body stress, anxiety are relaxed. The focusing of our attention on one particular idea or prayer for some time is called meditation.

Meditation keeps us free from the mind’s unstoppable thinking, awaken our awareness about spirit, takes us to the state of thoughtlessness. We can find various forms of meditation like visualization, repetition of some mantra, focusing on our breath, a candle or any thing worth focusing. Some try to focus on the self who is within us and others try to empty their mind of all unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation is divided into two parts, one part is to focus on a certain thought and other requires inner silence and freedom from unnecessary thoughts. Some persons are of the opinion that it creates laziness, indifference and mental dullness but it is totally wrong notion. It is process of bringing Spiritual awakening and Self Realization.