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Sep 262009

Our mental and psychic consciousness is really affected by the mantra meditation. It is advised by the spiritual Guru but we can select our own mantra also. Mantra must an attractive appeal to our mind when it is orally chanted. It creates very powerful vibrations which awaken our chakras to reach up to the God. This can make healing of our spiritual, physical and psychological system of our body.

The words and rhythm of mantra must be enjoyed by us when we are chanting them. The power of mantra is hidden in its vibration effects of sound when it is verbally or mentally spoken and not in its meaning. Mantra has nothing to do with the religion and all religions can take its soothing effects. This should never be translated because it can loose its sound vibrations power.

Mantra should be repeated regularly to have its actual effects. Mantra is chanted to awaken the spiritual mind set and it be practiced at fixed time every day. Its effect can be seen in a few days’ practice for ten minutes. An excessive repetition should never be done by sensitive and psychic people.

How to meditate with mantras ?

Mantra meditations technique is purely safest and easiest form of meditation.  There is transcendental meditation which was in India, people are given their personal mantra. It is a kind of japa mala, which is a rosary of 108 beads and each bead is moved after every recitation of mantra. Japa mala is hold with the help of middle finger and thumb. Index finger is kept away and untouched to the mala. This form of mantra gives support to our mind while meditation is being recited. It is one of the best recommended forms of meditation.

We can practice this meditation while sitting on the chair or cross legged or whatever position is comfortable. Now try to place the hands in Gyan Mudra and breathe slowly for five times which will oxygenate our blood and make us to relax. It is advisable that we should remain in this position as long as possible comfortably. We can use any fixed time duration for ten to twenty minute or beads of rosary to count one circle. Spine should be straight while chanting mantra.

Benefits of mantra meditation yoga

It is an effective method to bring complete transformation in personality. Mantra tries to create union between our individual and divine consciousness. It is realization of our divine nature and consciousness of the ‘real’. It can reduce stress and bring peace, relaxation and tranquility. It is a source of spontaneous joy and happiness. Self-healing is promoted and realized by it. Our mental focus and concentration is sharpened by it.

It is the meditation that makes us feel that our awareness is increasing and mixing with the universe. We should continue to chant this mantra in rhythm. An exhalation should be increased twice the time we take for inhalation. It is really music of our lives and we can learn to dance with it. It is better to practice this meditation under the guidance of some learned person but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do it without a guru.

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