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Oct 222009

Ashtanga is a union of two Sanskrit words, ‘ashta’ and ‘anga’. Ashta means eight and anga means limbs. It is the yoga of eight limbs. Ashtanga yoga is entirely based on the philosophy of great Indian yogi Maharishi Patanjali who formed Yoga ‘Sutras of Patanjali’ in 150 BCE.

Ashtanga Yoga is mainly concentrated to physical postures or asanas, which help in maintaining mental peace and equilibrium between body and mind, which ultimately merge the individual consciousness into the universal consciousness. With these practices, the bliss and realization of God is achieved.

Ashtanga Yoga Poses: Astanga yoga is practiced to keep ourselves physically fit and mentally sound. it can easily channelise our hyperactive mind and infinite energy of body. Our body is detoxified, building strength, bringing flexibility and stamina. There are about seventy five postures which are to be practiced. These postures are named standing poses, seated poses, inversions and backbends etc. All these poses are equally beneficial for adults and children along with precautions .

Nervous System Purification: Also known as ‘Nadi Shodana’ in yoga which makes our nervous system quite strong, fully cleansed. Energy channels (Chakras) of our body are opened.

Flexibility in the body, mental peace and ecstasy is possible by ashtanga yoga practice. It not only makes us mentally strong but our muscular body is also strengthened.

Power Poses: This yoga is also called yoga of power poses because it helps us to train the muscles. We can start with easy poses like sun salutation, standing and sitting in progressive manner to have benefits for our mind and body. The sun salutation poses can strengthen our deltoids, triceps and pectoral muscles. This makes our muscles to increase in the size and our endurance strength is positively affected. The flexibility of the body is maintained and physical fitness is stored.

Concentration and Coordination: There are many benefits of this yoga and it helps in sharpening our concentration and coordination with the help of focusing and breathing. Blood circulation is purified and metabolism is improved with the help of these positions. Our memory is improved with strong concentration. The heat which is generated also cleansed our body and mind.

Multiple Techniques: Ashtanga yoga is more popular for using multiple techniques than any other yoga. It includes the postures, breathing, concentration and meditation, therefore it is also called ‘yoga of techniques’. This yoga is dynamic and other yogas are static in the forms. We get benefits in multiple forms i.e. physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. Ashtanga yoga is extremely popular amongst the young people who want more vigorous asanas with the same benefits.

Our suffering in lives is caused by emotional system of our body. All our bodily disease are cured properly with the help of ashtanga yoga. It is always better to learn this kind of yoga from an expert so that all benefits may be attained without any harm.