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Aug 282009

Kundalini Yoga is not only an ancient form of spiritual yoga but also practiced in all countries of the world. Kundalini is an energy which is untapped at the base of our spine. It can be practiced by awakening the seven charkas of yoga.

An enlightenment is achieved when this energy climbs up to crown charka, from Muladhar to Sahasrar Chakra. Kundalini shakti or power is also known as a snake coiled energy at the base of our spine.

There are several ways for awakening kundalini power. It is done with regular practice of specific breathing exercises or pranayama, which intensify the effects of the asanas in order to free energy in the lower body and allowing it move upward. Kundalini movements are also done with rapid or repetitive movement of breath, meditation and chanting, etc.

Spiritualism and Kundalini

Kundalini is more ‘spiritual’ kind of yoga than ‘physical’ one. It lays stress on meditation, pranayama, breathing control and chanting. The sequences of Kundalini appear intensely physical but it always attracts those kinds of people who are ready to face both physical and spiritual challenges. These poses at times are called Kriya yoga. The Kundalini is simply referred as a spiritual science for the enlightenment and God Realization.  The inner knowledge about God is awakened in the Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini Practice, Poses and Sadhana

Kundalini yoga has different poses and it needs shdhana which means very long, regular and hard practice. There are warm up poses to stretch the spine and improve the flexibility of the body. The focus is always on a specific portion of the body. It has meditation to treat us spiritually which includes the chanting of mantras, breathing and mudras. Devotion of kundalini yoga can be seen in the practitioners when they actually wear the flowing white clothes and keep their head wraps.

Master, Disciple and Kundalini Syndrome

The techniques of Kundalini yoga are not followed by the practitioners themselves, but are learnt under the guidance and training of spiritual guru or master. These techniques are actually communicated from master to disciple in Hindu tradition.

In many countries other than India, people have wrongly made it public, to be followed by their disciples themselves. It is simply because they don’t want to follow the strict instructions of their masters. It can lead to create psychic problem and even a danger of damage their mental make-up. It is called ‘Kundalini Syndrome’ in yoga.

It must be learnt under proper training of real, experienced and spiritual gurus of kundalini yoga and avoid self styled masters. Kundalini yoga can create serious psychic problems if it is not learnt properly. Mental equilibrium can get disturbed, which can create fatal problems. Everybody should be very honest, conscious and alert while practicing.

Kundalini Energy and Power

Kundalini joga can produce faster results than the ordinary yoga. It has traveled to the west and is widely followed. It is simply called as a sleeping serpent which is located towards the base of the spine. We can safely and gradually awaken this power to get benefits in elevation of consciousness of both physical and spiritual.

Kundalini yoga can transform us into a happy, healthy and harmonious world. It is hugely preferred and practiced in the world today.

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