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Sep 162009

Tantric yoga lays stress on one powerful point that sexuality can be used to enhance enlightenment. Though the celibacy is strongly advised for spiritual growth and seekers are suggested to avoid sexual acts to have growth of self.

The Tantric yoga is different in this regard because it uses sexuality as a means of getting enlightenment. The tantrics are simply of the opinion that there is huge energy stored there in sexuality and it brings enlightenment when it is given release from lower portion of the spine to flow up.

There is energy within the interior part of the spine and from here onwards flows the psychic energy which is kundalini energy. Life of a man is just like a small cosmos and every thing that is available in the cosmos, can easily be found in every human being. All the rules that are applicable to this world, these rules apply in the human case also.

The main object of the Tantra yoga is to mix with reality by using a source of sexual energy. The kundalini is connected with the worship of ‘Goddess Shakti’ who was the primordial female power. This Tantra yoga can be traced back to our fertility cults of ancient India. Kundalini remains present in every part of our system but only a little bit of it is functional and the rest huge portion of it always remains coiled up to be tapped later on.

‘Tantric Yoga’ makes the partners to have love but without trying to achieve orgasm. They try to move the power of kundalini upward through their body-minds in order to release the energy of different chakras. This kind of energy transforms the personality of the yogi psychologically. Kundalini moves to meet each chakra successively. It doesn’t lay stress on the sexual release but on the sex channel through which the self can evolve to meet the ‘Almighty’.

The lovers have to make different kinds of meditation and rituals to achieve control before they virtually have physical contact to get consciousness. But they cannot forget to keep their relation with each other highly spiritual throughout this undergoing process. The main aim of ‘Tantra’ is to unite the dynamic and static personality of the yogi in the whole process.

The process of Tantra may be different from the practice which advocates the total renunciation from this worldly life. These kinds of psychic movements remain sluggishly coiled upward around the spine just like a serpent and move through the chakras, which are filled with the energy of consciousness.

It is a simply lifelong process to evolve kundalini through the different chakras. The focus is on the kundalini energy which moves from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. The lovers in this tantric yoga must have grown the consciousness of their being which may take their whole life before they are actually in a position to have tantric embrace. This kind of tantric yoga needs patience and complete control.