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Sep 152009

Kundalini is awakened by different forms of yoga namely Hatha yoga, Raja yoga and Dhyan yoga. Complete  awakening can be made through kundalini yoga to have enlightenment.

Different Kriyas are performed by kundalini yogi whether they are awake or in sleep in order to make a passage in the body to move from the base towards the brain. The moment it moves upwards, the different centers that are in slumber in the body get awakened. The yogi feels ecstasy to cross all hurdles of time, space and physical existence when the Sahasrara Chakra, based in the brain, gets awakened. Kundalini is not difficult to awake but dedication and patience is required by a person.

This must be learned from some masters of yoga. Rules should be followed which require complete detachment from this materialistic world. It is not meant for everyone to learn it but for those who have the determination and patience in them. Kriya yoga is really scientific method of getting near God and self-realization.

Kriya can be classified into five groups. Kriya kundalini will speed up the attainment of divine consciousness. Kriya Hatha Yoga brings relaxation through physical postures, muscular locks and gestures to have good health, peace and awakening of all energy centers. We must consider this body as a temple of divine. Kriya Kundalini Pranayama is a powerful method of breathing to awake it and the energy moves through the seven chakras from base of spine towards the head.

Kriya dhyan yoga makes clean the mental disturbances to focus concentration to bring unison with God. Kriya mantra yoga is a sound system of mental repetition for awakening kundalini. These mantras make clean the habitual wrongs of our subconscious mind. Devotional system pf service is related to our spiritual ecstasy through which  divine power is achieved by chanting and singing.

Kriya yoga is a very old system of kundalini which literally means action. Asanas or postures brings body consciousness to stimulate our the glands and absorb our mind in meditation. Mudras are position of the hands that lock and guide our energy in flowing towards the brain. Bhands are locks that are applied to move pranas to enlightenment. Kundalini Chakras are based along the spine and are source of energy to reach near God.

Focus is another practice in yoga for kundalini awakening. We are directed to focus on the nose, the spine, the breath, chakras, a mantra and physical function of the body. These systems are made to work through visualization process also which lays stress on the thought, energy movement, magnetic, light and color.

The consciousness of mind is developed through the process of awareness. We can have the power to hold everything in the mind and empower the senses to move the energy to get hold over the entire worldly things. Kriya yoga is very effective system to get to the ultimate to have enlightenment. Patience, determination and guidance of an experienced master are required to achieve all these things.