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Oct 152009

Karma yoga can simply described as ‘Selfless Service’, when our ego is surrendered before God. It is related to man, animal and plants as well. Karma also means to choose the right path to do right things. Personal religion is followed and the destiny is accepted as everything in life.

All the acts which are completed from birth to death in one’s life is called Karma. Karma yogi does not accept any wealth for rendering service in any household and even name and fame is not sought after.  If the actions are performed with this intension that nothing wrong would be done, is considered a right approach.

Honesty with right means: Karma should be performed with the right means without harming anybody and it is considered karma in accordance with the law of religion. It is called a real karma yoga. It is hugely practiced yoga in the ‘Hindu Religion’. Karma yoga is a mixture of both the physical and mental aspects of Hindu Religion to have single concept. The word Karma is taken from the Sanskrit word “Kri” which means ‘to do’. An action is the gist of Karma. It means that our actions of the past are taken into account while deciding the position of the present.

Wheel of Karma: It is believed that knowledge of the complex wheel of karma is achieved. The real stress of karma is basically on the sincerity and honesty with which our duty is done. The work that is done with selfish purpose to acquire luxuries in life is bad karma. This materialistic approach can put stoppage on our spiritual growth. It is not through slavery of labor but through the personal decision of doing work in a selfless manner that decides our karma.

If we possess true compassion and selfless service to others, it is also a good karma. These kinds of karma should not be achieved by torturing others. It takes more than a few incarnations to reach to get pure destiny.

Non-attachment: It is essential that we should try to free ourselves from attachment in order to achieve karma. This is virtually not easy to be non-attached but those who achieve it, get through to the ultimate. Logic has no place before the human emotions which always dominates in the human karma. It is the continued friction between logic and emotion that brings problems with our karma. One has to be logical to achieve the ultimate karma.

Nishkam Karma Yoga: It is the obsessive dedication in our lives which is important to reach up to karma. We have to do our action with honest dedication without thinking of any kinds of rewards in return. The karma which is done with this intention enhances our good karma. There are numerous theories regarding karma. It is the selfless service that is rendered by us to help others in time of need increase our karma. This theory is primarily followed in Hinduism . Karmic yoga seems like a science that progress towards selfless destiny and spiritual growth is achieved.

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