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Oct 162009

Jnana Yoga is meant for Gyana Yoga. Which stands for ‘knowledge’ in Sanskrit. It is especially for those who have got strong mental and intellectual abilities. This yoga emphasizes on the true knowledge of self and our strong desire to be spiritual.

Our ignorance put hindrances before us to achieve salvation and the main purpose of this yoga is to walk on the path of truth by destroying ignorance. It advises us to listen to the spiritual discourses from some experienced spiritual teachers to reach up to the Truth. We should always try to be in the company of those people who are truly awakened souls to strengthen and guide us properly to open up our true self.

Separate Truth from Falsity: We must think deeply the teaching of our Guru and try to separate truth from falsity so that truth is followed strictly. This makes our ego weakened and keeps our soul free from wrong doing of our mind and body. Our focus should also be shifted from mortal to immortal being of the self. Gyana is considered the highest teaching from the Upanishads and it is main theme of Bhagwad Gita. It is always given a place of supreme purifier of mind and body.

Self-harmony: We should always try to be in complete self-harmony and try to find wisdom within ourselves. Wisdom purifies the human from the negativity that we have possessed by living in human society. The best way to acquire the true knowledge of self is to focus on the unchangeable and never on illusions of wealth. Our ego and notion about our own self is always changing. This kind of yoga keeps us alert about the realty. The Jnana Yoga doesn’t provide freedom from this life but it gives the right platform to find out the truth of human life.

Gyana is Awareness: All the clouds that are blocking our mind are removed and real awareness is permanently restored. This makes it to attain goal of worldly consciousness. Jnana yoga is a sort of understanding the law of existence and the awareness to know the ultimate. This materialistic world makes us slave and the Gyana makes us free and blissful from this bondage. Our self-identification and feeling of independent being is the cause of our slavery and ‘knowledge’ reduces this kind of illusions and bliss is restored.

Bhagavad Gita is source of Jnana Yoga: Gita Gyan purifies our illusions and all such wrong notion about our existence. It admonishes that one must do his duty honestly but at the same time one must purify our heart and mind. If we are doing our work by surrendering ourselves to God and that work becomes a supreme action in our lives.

All the works that are done to realize the Almighty are the best actions. We must accompany the great souls who have realized the true self in order to understand the Supreme. This true knowledge can purify our heart and mind. We can destroy ignorance of our mind by absorbing ourselves in this true knowledge.