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Oct 202009

Hatha Yoga is the union of the opposite pairs. The word ‘Ha’ means the Sun and ‘Tha’ means Moon. It also called forceful yoga because it requires the practice of various physical exercises or asanas of different types. Hatha yoga is mainly for the purpose of physical purification, which ultimately leads to mental purification.

This yoga is very popular in the western countries. It mainly concentrates on the practices of many postures and breathing, to give energy to all channels of the body. Hatha yoga is simply practiced to remove obstacles in the way of our concentration and meditation.

Postures are Important: The Hath yoga gives more importance to postures because theses make the body so pure and soft, that the meditation can easily be practiced. The more such postures we practice, it would be better for us to practice inner meditation.

Physical postures open up our nadis in which our energy of body and mind is stored. Hatha yoga is a path to open energy sources with the practice of these postures. The mastering of these postures makes our will strong and our concentration is also strengthened.

Pranayama is Essential: We have to master our breathing system so that our mastery over mind is not out of reach. Our vital force of life is really regulated with the mastery of Pranayama. The energy of body is needed on every step in order to lead us to absorb ourselves in meditation.

Hatha yoga is also very helpful for Kundalini awakening. The breathing can activate the two hemisphere of our brain which further activates our meditation.

Benefits for All: ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ the classic manual in sanskrit by Swami Swatmarama was written in 15th century in India. There are many branches of Hatha yoga like Ashtanga yoga, Shatkarma,  etc.

In Hath yoga, there are specific physical postures for every bodily problem. Even mental relief and peace is attained by many poses. The benefits of Hatha yoga are numerous and we can get these benefits only by doing it regularly.

Some of the asanas are quite gentle stretching exercises and improve flexibility which further improves balance and strength. These asanas have no negative effects. These asanas are not aerobic exercises and every muscles of body are used in it. It develops our balance and coordination and feeling of our body.

The people who are quite old can practice this yoga to improve their flexibility and correct wrong posture to strengthen their spine. This yoga can bring improvement in their digestion, circulation of body is facilitated and breathing disorder is also improved. Our ailment is cured by following this asana regularly. An experienced teacher should be consulted before starting this yoga.

There are many ideal hatha yoga positions or asanas for women during pregnancy. It improves backache and depression. Many women have experienced that their labor is made easier and shorter. Before any asana, the doctor’s consultation is must because cases differs person to person.