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Oct 202009

Bhakti yoga is virtually and purely a spiritual devotion. It is devotion towards God who is supreme and known for his love for all. Bhakti means everything is divine and our ego is meaningless.

Bhakti yoga is considered which makes it easier to have direct merger with worldly consciousness. We are blessed with undivided unison with God. There is one doctrine on which Bhakti yoga is based that Love is God and God is Love. Everything including food, sex, sleep, attachment and responsibilities are meaningless in bhakti yoga except the name of almighty.

Divine Love: This yoga is the direct and shortest way which can make it possible to experience divine reality. All kinds of yogas are based on true faith, true devotion, true bhakti and nothing goes higher than love and bhakti.

It is really religion of love and treasure of knowledge and love is attained through it. We can choose any form of this yoga to have feeling of magical effect. The essence of bhakti yoga is that everything from deity to devotee, knower to known, subject to object becomes one.

Devotional Yoga: Two extreme examples of Bhakti yoga were found in India. According to Ramayana, Hanuman was selfless devotee of Lord Rama. Second is Radha, who was completely devoted to Lord Krishna.

It is really a devotional yoga which gives us the natural path to fulfill our emotional and well-being feeling. This yog is the absolute manifestation of all our experiences. We must practice bhakti yoga by visualizing that the God is sitting before us. God is nectar and love is God and this should be focused on. It is Bhakti through which supreme love for God is experienced. This makes our heart to get purified by absorbing in God.

Types of Bhakti: Bhakti is classified in two parts that the lower type of devotion and it includes ringing of bells, waving lights, kirtan (reciting devotional songs) etc.

The second type of devotion is called highest devotion and no ritualistic worship is followed and the seeker is absorbed absolutely in Almighty. We usually forget about our self and only thought of God remains in our mind. Devotion grows gradually like a flower and tree in the heart of man to realize God.

Realization of God: Our faith in our devotion is essential to attain God. Our faith which can move the mountains, can do wonder by taking us into the inner chamber of Lord. Simple food, prayer, service of saints or study of books helps us to achieve the Truth.

The enemy of devotion is our company of wrong people and they must be avoided at all cost. We should keep the picture God before us in order to visualize his face or feet in our heart.

Mantra reciting: Mantra of our liking can be recited to keep our mind focused on the almighty. We should keep our mind under control from wandering into the useless thoughts. It is the mental worship which increases our devotion. Bhakti can transmute a person into divinity. It fills the man with humility, compassion and kindness. Man is blessed with everlasting peace of mind and ecstasy

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