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May 262010

Meditation has become a supreme necessity in today’s fast life. We have entangled ourselves so much that we seldom have time to think about ourselves as a living being. Understanding of oneself, of one’s purpose is one of the aims of meditation. All the more, various kinds of physical, mental and psychological benefits are also associated with it.

Studies have proved that patients who do meditation respond to medicines better as compared to their previous state. Healthy persons can achieve the much needed ‘balance’ in life through meditation. Such a balance would be a holistic one; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You tend to fight diseases and infections better if you have been practicing meditation on a daily basis.

The logic behind such claims is that anxiety and stress have shown to activate many kinds of diseases in us. These two enemies of man are kept under effective check with the help of regular meditation. You also get uplifted as far as your spirituality is concerned. You come to know that there is only one ‘power’ that is running this universe and all the disputes on the basis of religion, caste, class, color, etc. are just man made boundaries. Such an attitude is extremely important for a new world order.

Meditation develops contentment and relaxation in you. You tend to feel happy with the achievements of your life and slowly start developing aversion towards the blind race of making more and more money. In fact, in today’s materialistic world, money has become a very important touchstone for measuring one’s success and this itself has given birth to many social and moral ills.

I  friend of mine who used to experience alarmingly high blood pressure without any specific reason. He undertook self-study in meditation and practiced it for 6 months. To his and his doctor’s utter surprise, now he is a perfectly normal human being.

Meditation experts also say that oxygen is the base of a healthy body. During meditation oxygenated blood reaches different parts of our body like brain, heart, digestive organs etc. in profuse amount. This leads to better functioning of these organs and equips them with the power to fight and ward off diseases.

It has also been shown that various kinds of hormonal changes also take place during meditation. In a study, hormonal patterns during and after meditation were compared in people of different age groups. It was found that during meditation a person’s hormonal pattern was similar to a person who was 7-10 years younger than him.

Though detailed studies are under progression in this field, it can be safely said that a person who meditates on a regular basis is able to keep age effects at bay to the tune of 7-10 years. Moreover, it’s common knowledge that hormonal imbalances are also a cause for various diseases. So, we have seen that meditation is a cure for various diseases that may have physical, mental or psychological origin.