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Sep 042009

The Kundalini Syndrome is composed of some symptoms which are related to our sensory, mental and effective symptoms. Meditation is also related to it. Scientific research in the field of psychiatry, near death studies and transpersonal psychology has shown that the kundalini can create multiple problems of sensory, mental, motor and symptoms of effectiveness.

The near-death experience can be had when it was revealed in the research work conducted by the psycho-spiritual and transformation experts. Risk is involved in the intensive spiritual process if the learner is not ready to practice kundalini yoga physically and mentally as well. Some experts think this crisis is normal when we are practicing kundalini.

Kundalini syndromes can happen when it is experienced that the energy is flown into our body and it is received by some negative energy in the process. These syndromes grow slowly for over months or sometimes for years and these cannot be explained in words rather the seekers have the feeling of energy moving up the spine.


It may be experienced in the forms of cranial pressures, feeling of inner sounds and lights, increase in  the heart beats, change in breathing, feeling of inner cooling or heat, fear, pain and sometimes depersonalization. Proper meditation and yoga can cure all these symptoms.


Certain things can be avoided while practicing kundalini. The energy becomes directionless when it is not kept under control and moves spontaneously. It can give negative results when it is wrongly practiced and it gives some unwanted symptoms.

It may be made known to the seekers that which genres of meditation and yoga should be followed to avoid kundalini syndromes. Breathing and meditation can also maximize the size of energy in the kundalini.

Kundalini yoga should be practiced properly in order to avoid these syndromes. It is the proper mixtures of divine meditations and kundalini which makes it balancing and also cleansing without syndromes.

Kundalini energy when flows in the body without purification can make to develop syndromes. It is shear ignorance that makes the seekers develop these syndromes. It may be identified in the early stage. Meditation in the absence of pure energy can cause physical, emotional and mental problems. The symptoms can vary from person to person and it is because of overeating, discomforts, and tiredness and sometimes over activity.


Meditation and Kundalini should be reduced or temporarily stopped for a while if at any stage it is observed that the symptoms of negative energy are appearing. Pure energy may be focused on more heavily. Salts bath and vegetarian diet may purely be adopted. It is also advised that some masters of kundalini may be consulted to avoid syndromes. Do not let these syndromes appear, if it does appear, don’t allow it go of our control. If these are controlled in the beginning, they may not be as harmful as they appear outwardly.

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