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May 282010

Vrschik in Sanskrit means scorpion and this asana resembles a scorpion ready to strike its victim by arching its tail above its back. The person should make an attempt to feel comfortable in holding headstand posture and handstand pose before doing the scorpion pose.


1. While sitting on ground  place both hands on ground up to elbow, keep the elbow and palms on the ground.
2. Now like Sirsasana keep the head between hands but above the ground.
3.Lift the legs & bend the knees and holding the legs as high as possible.
4. Try to keep the toes pointed towards thigh, and legs & arms parallel to each other.
5. Breathe as smoothly as possible for as long as feel comfortable.


1. Lie on ground with stomach and chest touching ground.
2. Keep  the hands on both sides, touching the ground.
3. Now lift the legs upward and bend the knees and try to put the legs on head.
4. Stay in this position for some time and then return to start position slowly.


Do it from fifteen to thirty seconds in the beginning and later on time can be extended.


  • Removes indigestion.
  • Good posture for strengthening the abdominal muscles and removes genitourinary problems.
  • Makes the  body more flexible.
  • It provides overall radiance on the face and develops personality.


  • Avoid this pose if suffering from  Neck  or shoulder problems.
  • Patient with high blood pressure should avoid it.
  • Consult the doctor before starting this asana.