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Oct 082009

Vishuddha Chakra is the fifth chakra, assumed to be situated at throat, therefore also known as Throat Chakra. Vishuddha is a sanskrit word which means to purify by separating out.

This chakra provides a life force energy which can be visible in the form of our creativity and self-expression. This chakra gives unification and balance in our lives. The Vishuddha Chakra provides us an inspired communication when it is functioning healthily. It is also overflowing channel of divine Inspiration

Will Of Heaven: We start experiencing the miraculous happening and unexplainable coincidences in our lives. It is sort of surrendering our own self before the will of heaven and it unlocks the passage of Vishuddha chakra. Good fortune and grace of almighty smiled on us in a different way. Energy is frequently resonating with our thoughts and feeling.

Our physical imbalances namely thyroid problems, flu catching, chronic infections, allergic problems and numerous phobias are cured.

Throat Chakra: Vishuddhi chakra is also known as the throat chakra because it is located at the base of our throat. This chakra basically keeps control on the throat, neck, the arms and the hand of our body. It is also related to our cervical plexus of our body system. The sense of hearing is linked with this chakra with it’s blue sky color. The thyroid gland of our body is linked with this. The listening to our intuition which can guide us to achieve our goal of realization. Our creativity and fulfillment of our goal in lives are metaphysically related to it.

Reciting Mantra: The Vishuddha chakra should be practiced with the reciting of some mantra of our liking to focus the awareness. The mantra can be recited at least for six times in the beginning. This is not to forget that our inhalation and exhalation should be continued while recitation of mantra is going on. Our images are naturally to be surfaced and melt our blockages to clear  the blockages and the balance is restored in our vishuddha chakra.

Practicing This Chakra: This chakra is gradually to be started with five minutes duration and slowly to be increased. We should focus our energy centers to get awareness. Our stamina will be increased with its regular practice and all obstacles are dispelled bit by bit. Our amplitude of energy is enhanced and our vital force of life is positively increased to impact our health and longevity of lives.

Regular practice of this chakra can build our power in order to direct our own spirit. Our spirit, body and minds are synchronized and balanced to enhance the benefits. We should start this chakra with patience and try to absorb ourselves to get all benefits of mind and body. The link of mind gets united with God and everything is achieved slowly and steadily.

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