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Oct 012009

Meditation can be practiced in any of it’s types as per our interest. There are many types of meditation. Every body wants relaxation and peace of mind which can only be possible in meditation. Our union with the God can be made through the meditation.

Life is full of tension and meditation makes it stress free and life becomes enjoyable. We can reach up to our consciousness through it. The types of meditation can be different but the results of all these forms are the same. It is only through meditation that we will be free from this materialistic world and complete ecstasy is very much possible. Every type of meditation is beneficial for all of us. It should be practiced in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.

Breathing through nose

We can start our meditation by paying attention on our breathing at least for few minutes. This is generally known as ‘Pranayama’. Try to relax with closed eyes and our focus should be on our breathing. Oxygen to our lungs will be provided and breathing be continued through our nose. Wandering mind can be controlled by focusing our attention on the breathing. This practice may be done for few minutes or more. This will make us relax and keep us free from the worldly materialistic life. This is the simplest form of meditation and can be practiced by any person.

Meditation with free mind

Awareness without any object can be practiced with the same benefits. This makes our mind free from all kinds of thoughts. We should adopt this form of meditation with still sitting pose like a lotus or cross-legged and make our mind remain silent for at least ten minutes. It may be little bit difficult but it is not impossible to do because every movement is going on in our mind. We can call it an empty mind meditation and is really beneficial.

Mantra Meditation

A mantra can control our wandering of mind and its very helpful for concentration. We can use any mantra of our liking or provided by our spiritual guru, to meditate.  A specific chanting of mantra has divine power which can solve various problems of our lives.

Meditate while walking

This form of meditation can be practiced by any one because it is easy to focus on our breathing while we are walking. Our focus should be on our legs and feet when we are making contact with the ground and breathing attention be continued. We can easily bring our thoughts back by breathing and walking. It is practiced outside the room or we can find some quiet place with level ground to practice it properly.

Insight Meditation

This type of mediation is called ‘Vipassana Meditation’. It is an art to become aware of the things going on in our mind. We watch our breath and our thoughts, feeling, even sights and sound movement going around us without any involvement or judgment analysis.

Contemplating Meditation

An idea may be contemplated in order to focus on, while meditating. It is a method to give us an understanding that our rationalizing mind will not be able to bring us.