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Jun 182009

Shavasana or ‘Corpse Pose’ is normally practiced at the beginning and at the end of yoga session, because the purpose is to relax of the body completely including mind and spirit. This is excellent asana for reducing tiredness, stress and tension.


1. Lie down comfortably on the back, keep legs apart from each other. Hands should be close to the body, but not touching the body.

2. Keep the eyes gently closed, breath slowly through the nostrils, longer and deeply. Release all controls over the body, breath and mind.

3. Starting from ‘toe’ to the ‘crown of the head’, concentrate the mind to every single part of your body ‘one by   one’ and consciously relax each part before proceeding to the next one.

4. Normally when the body gets relax, practitioner may feel sleepy during practice. In that situation, you may breath little faster and deeper.


Not any specific time is mentioned for Shavasana or Corpse Pose. Practice for 3-5 minutes per day is sufficient. While it can be practiced more up to 30 minutes as per convenience.

Shavasana Benefits

  • It makes the heart and pulse rate normal, breathing and brain back to normal.
  • Highly recommended for the patients of depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases and sleeping disorder.
  • Helpful for tiredness, nervous system disorders. It also helps to remove negative thinking.