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Sep 022009

Kundalini power is divided into seven chakras. This is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. Kundalini Shakti (Power) flows in coil like path in our body around spinal cord. Chakras are considered as ‘energy centers’ of divine power. The energy of these chakras remains in a sleeping state until it is awaken.

These chakras are not physically situated in the body and not even are any part of our physical body organs. According to Indian yoga, these are energy/power centers of our subtle body and are considered to be located at various centers of spine.

The Muladhara Chakra (Root) is the first chakra, which is situated at the last bone of spine. By moving upwards, there are Swadhisthana (Sacral), Manipur (Power ), Anahata (Heart), Vishuddha (Communication), Agya (Intuition), Sahasrara (Crown).

Kundalini chakras  are scientific in practice to keep us remain absolutely balanced. Every chakra has its own system and is assumed to be related to specific glands in the endocrine system of our body. Kundalini yoga enables us to do our work with these glands in a way that it controls energy sources.

Muladhar or Root Chakra is the source of awakening all chakras. When it is controlled, the other chakras are also affected simultaneously. We suffer from many diseases and after practicing muldhara, the root chakra, we can cure our all kinds of problems and diseases. It is absolutely in our hand to have knowledge of everything in the world after mastering this chakra. It is wish of every human being to know about the almighty, his love, compassion and we can do it through this chakra.

We can have the capacity to discover even what is going in the outer world or in the mind of other people, it is very much possible after mastering this system. We should try to avoid going against the sweet will of God while curing the people from their diseases or miseries. It is rather better to leave them to their Karma i.e. action of their previous birth and don’t try to interfere with the laws of God.

Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra can strength us with the power of love. This love is not only for men and women but for animal also. People start getting away from the path of truth when they are indulged in the sexual pleasure in place of focusing on the divine awakening. These sexual forces can make us astray from achieving consciousness.

The impurity that has penetrated in our mind can be removed by Manipur Chakra or Solar Plexus which changes the impurity into purity and putting us on the right path of reaching or achieving divinity. If these changes don’t take place, the practitioner will face destruction in life.

Through Anahata or Heart Chakra can make us getting control over our sorrow and suffering. Such people don’t have the feel for miserable. This chakra is really not safe because it may be misused and suffering for others can be created by this.

Vishuddha or Throat Chakra is considered at throat or neck area. The yogi who achieves this chakra, becomes calm, known to all truth of life, becomes natural poet and attains a complete meditation. He wins all physical problems.

The Agya or Ajna or Brow Chakra makes us acquire the power of knowing the truth after our death. How the person passes from one secret world to another is known to us through this chakra. This chakra also gives us the power of transmutation through which we can enlarge the object and also reduce its size. It has the power of healing and if it is used properly, it is really blessing for others. We can acquire the power of divine messages and the secrets of this world can be revealed to any one. We have the power to get direct messages from the supreme and can become saints, poets, artists and singers etc.

Sahasrara or Crown Chakra is assumed to be at the top of our head. This is the extreme center of all powers and energies. The person who achieves this chakra reaches the state of enlightenment and knows about the “Truth of God”.