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Oct 032009

Meditation is essential to get freedom from stress and remain relaxed. The modern life of man has become so fast that we can not think of relaxation in life. Meditation is the only technique by adopting it, we can have relief of getting peace of mind. There are many techniques of practicing it regularly to get results.

Our ailment are cured like blood pressure is lowered down and heart rate is balanced. It makes us to reach up to the God. We are supposed to focus on one particular thing to keep our wandering thoughts away from our mind. Mind feels the ecstasy and the consciousness are achieved. Mental and bodily problems are solved.

A scientific study of meditation has raised interest of the people in it. The effect of meditation has been studied and applied its effect on our cardiovascular and respiratory function of our body. It is widely believed that it can improve the function of body and diseases are cured with its regular practice.

Meditation is just like an ocean which deeply effects our mental and body system. Its regularity and continuity must be maintained. It is not an option but a compulsory activity of our lives. We can start it at any stage and make it daily routine of our lives. We must take out our time to think of God who has given us everything. We can pay our creator a gift in the form of meditation. Don’t expect anything from meditation but try to give ourselves to it.

A question is raised whether the qualities like love, compassion and forgiveness can be neurologically measured in the brain while doing meditation. It has been proved through the technique of magnetic resonance imaging that meditation can bring a change in the behavior of brain. Science has to understand a transformation that is taken place in our brain with some exercises or meditation. Even neurological study has shown that meditation and exercises can affect our mental health. Theses changes are seen in the children, adults and even in handicapped. Even the myriad problems of the society are easily solved. Meditation to bring transformation in our mind and body is practiced with dedication.

There is provision of home-study courses for personal growth. These courses include the origin of meditation through teacher training. It is wisely said that training by teacher is needed to practice it properly. The teacher can expose his experience and the highest knowledge and guidance regarding meditation.

A study has revealed that meditator experienced an important activity in the brain and the strength of insula in the brain is activated with meditation. We are producing compassion and our emotional vocalization is also exposed during the meditation. There is no doubt that meditation can play a very important role in changing our personality and peace of mind is only possible through this process. Keep materialistic things away from our lives to get happiness. We should keep patience and regularity in order to bring positive change.