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Oct 142009

Sahasrara virtually means a thousand and is just like a lotus of thousand petals which is located above the crown of the head, therefore it is also called Crown Chakra. The place of Kundalini Shakti and Shiva.

A person can achieve immortality within Sahasrara. Most of the yogis are unable to get the unconscious and conscious state of mind. This state makes us unaware with no knowledge of the entire world and there are no activities of mind. Everything at this state becomes out of reach except the self is united with the Almighty and mind is liberated.

Kundalini is Raised: Specific asanas and meditation techniques are formed in Indian yoga to raise kundalini power and awaken Crown Chakra. By the awakening of kundalini the practitioner becomes expert with the cosmic principles which are ruling the entire universe, the total bliss with meditation is attained. This chakra makes our breath move upward and gets up to the highest point. It is up to the sixth stage that activities of our mind remains within our consciousness. This is the stage where our emotion, feeling and desires are mixed into our mind. The unison with God is achieved after the seventh chakra.

State of Enlightenment: Many elements are associated with Crown Chakra opening. Human awareness is achieved after some time. Our nervous system feels the presence of reality. Calcification may take place on the top of our head and our brain is covered with ego and superego. Our limbic area of the brain is covered with thousand petals before the actual realization is closed like buds of a lotus. This chakra actually covers the crown of our head and it is here that our subtle system gets integrated. Self-Realization is attained when kundalini is awakened upto Sahasrara or crown Chakra.

Freedom and Truth is Granted: This yoga gives complete freedom and truth in our mind. Meditation provides chances to slowly cleanse and clear all chakras. Our feeling of vibration is enhanced and it makes us to take right decision, to get to the truth, feel the condition of others and feel the nature. Many of our problems are solved and we feel the healing of ourselves. We enjoy the feeling of wisdom that is bestowed on us after the awakening of this chakra.

Spiritual Power: We are feeling at certain stage that we are having feeling of spirituality. Hard work and selfless is really learnt by us after this yoga is practiced. We feel the realization of heaven on the earth. Enlightenment takes place when the Kundalini gets up to the Sahasrara. It is living process to feel this process. The seed will get into the sprout after it is naturally matured. The feeling of pulsation is felt in the crown of our head and the flow of cool vibration is felt also.

Collective Consciousness: The spirit of leaving the body through crown chakra is possible, which is practiced by real yogies in deep meditation state. Our awareness gets united with the God and we move into the collective consciousness. The presence and guidance God is felt within us. The nature’ beauty is exposed in the vibration that is experienced in our mind. The appreciation of the real beauty of other people is also learnt by us in this yoga system.