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Ujjayi Pranayama is also known as Ocean breath or Victorious breath, which clears toxins out of the bodily system. The practitioner takes in enough oxygen to build vital energy.

It is the best pranayama for thyroid problems and also to cure all throat diseases.

How to do Ujjayi Pranayama ?

Ujjayi technique for beginners:
Sit in a comfortable yoga pose like Padmasana or Sukhasana. Take long, deep breath with both nostrils along with contraction inside the throat which makes the breath long and thin. The friction of air should be felt inside the throat when it is contracted and a hissing sound of breath is produced itself. Now exhale out very slowly. Repeat this process three times daily.

After some days of practice:
Three more steps are added to complete Ujjayi Pranayama process. After breathing inside with contraction in throat, try to touch your chin to the upper side of chest (Jalandhar Bandha). Hold the breath inside for maximum 10 seconds (Kumbaka).

Now exhale out slowly with left nostril, by closing right nostril with your right hand thumb. Exhale must be done by left nostril only. This is complete process of Ujjayi.

Ujjayi Pranayama Duration

Initially it should be practiced for 3 times. As practice increases, it can be performed maximum 11 times a day. It’s another variant is ‘Pratiloma Ujjayi’.

Ujjayi Pranayama Video by Swami Ramdev ji

Effects of Ujjayi Pranayama in the body (Scientific Explanation)

Ujjayi stretches the breath, warms it before entering into the lungs and helps to build heat in the body. Through this heat internal Agni (fire) is stoked and powerful healing process is unlocked.

Ujjayi Pranayama Benefits and Cures

  • Miraculous remedy for thyroid problems.
  • Snoring problem is cured.
  • Good for heart, asthma, tonsil, cold and cough.
  • All throat problems are cured.


Beginners should exhale with both nostrils. After few days they should start Jalandhar Bandha and Kumbhaka. It should be performed under supervision of experienced yoga teacher.