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May 282010

Nauka means ‘boat’ in Sanskrit language. It is a posture which resembles a boat. It is also known as boat posture to treat many ailments. The reverse naukasana is also very important to cure ailments.


1. Lie straight on back, resting on the floor.
2. Place the feet together and keep the arms on the thighs.
3. Taking deep breath first raise the head, neck,shoulder, then raise the legs slowly. Hands, head and legs should be raised parallel in shape of a boat.
4. Do it without  bending the knees and elbows  and without any jerk.
5. Raise the head  and legs as high as possible.
6. Remain in  this posture motionlessly, hold breath as long as possible.
7. Return to the starting point while exhaling.


Retain in this position from ten seconds to up to one minute. Do it three to four times, do not exhaust yourself.


  • Strengthens lungs.
  • Useful in stomach problems.
  • Liver, pancreas, start secreting better.
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles.
  • Regulates blood sugar level.
  • Strengthens muscles of neck,shoulders, and legs.


The patients of high blood pressure, hip joint disorders, arthritis, hernia, or ulcers should avoid doing this asana.