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Oct 052009

Muladhara is basically a root or base chakra which is located in Pelvic Plexus at the base of our spine or tail bone. Our survival instinct and the ability to present ourselves physically in the world is connected through this chakra. The seat of muladhara is the coiled kundalini and it is a vital power or female energy.

The kundalini serpent is shaped like a coiled around the lingam. This chakra is called the foundation chakra and it is the root of all growth awareness of the divinity in our lives.

Act in Harmony with Nature: We should always try to act in accordance with the natural laws and this will save us from wasting our energy and over-indulgence in the sensory awareness can harm hugely. Persons of these types will work wisely with moderation. Try to explore the secrets of the body and mind in order to liberate the man from the lower realms. Persons who are over-indulging in this karma will create worldly entangle for them.

How do you heal your root chakra with mulabandha? : Mooladhara chakra unblocking or activation is practiced with Moolabandha or root lock yogic exercise. It is a yogic act of ‘contraction of perineum or anus’. Brahmacharya (celibacy),  Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and Virya (vigor) are the  basic requirements to balance Mooladhara. Along with this, we must regulate the meditation, our eating habits, drinking and sleeping pattern to secure our worldly identity.

Mooladhara opening also encircle the genesis of illusion, anger, greed, delusion, avarice and sensuality. The human desire for information and experiences will boost and encourage us to get development. This chakra represents four petals and it is related to our psychological states of natural pleasure of, blissfulness in concentration, greatness of joy and happiness and delight in controlling passions. This chakra makes us to avoid violent behavior to survive.

Female Energy: This chakra is essentially a female energy or force. The kundalini is getting coiled around the lingam. This chakra also makes us aware of divine power and the color that are related to it are red, yellow and gold.

The actual seat of kundalini is Muladhara chakra, it is called the pleasure center of our body. We can enjoy the child like pleasure in this chakra without any limit or prejudice. An inner wisdom of dignity, balance, direction and purpose of life get clouded with our adopting the modern life style. The inner quality is not destroyable and it keeps on waiting till the kundalini rises.

Getting the Root Chakra Going with Purity and Simplicity: This chakra gives us complete purity and simplicity of mind and body, also keeps us in the circle of enjoyment like children in their earlier stage of their lives. It is a magnetic force in the individual that keeps this chakra gets awakening and nourishment at all stages of life. This chakra not only control our purity and simplicity but also the vital organs of our body like the  adrenals, anus, bones, teeth and nails, kidneys, prostate, lower digestive system, excretory glands and sexual functions of the body. The Muladhara chakra is a wonderful creation of God for human being to get cured from all our problems of our body and mind.

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