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Oct 032009

Stress in our live is being experienced by everybody and our body  is relaxed through meditation. Physical damage to all parts of our body can be caused by this stress. Meditation makes our body calm and keeps us free from any kind of stress in order to prevent it from getting any further damage.

Manifold advantages can be possible through meditation only. Our heart rate and breathing is slowed down, blood pressure is normalized and oxygen is used efficiently. Our immune system gets improved and our aging process gets slow down. This makes our mind clear and our creativity is enhanced hugely. Persons who are regularly doing meditation try to give up smoking, drinking and the use of drugs. Meditation is a wonderful technique to make us stress free.

An environment of silence and privacy is kept while practicing it but an experienced meditator finds it comfortable at any place. The spiritual awakening is also possible in this method. We should try to focus our mind on breathing. It can provide very effective short-term stress free and long-term health benefits. These benefits are experienced in just one session in the morning or evening.

This doesn’t require any experienced teacher or guru but can be learnt from any source or book. It may be bit difficult in the beginning for some persons but it requires patience to continue. Meditation does not give any kind of side effects like medicines or relaxing drugs. Persons who have some physical limitations will find it quite comfortable to practice than doing some strenuous physical exercises to get stress free relief. It needs patience and some strict control in our daily diets.

We can sit in any comfortable position of our liking with closed eyes. This keeps us unattached to our wandering thoughts that are disturbing us. It is practice which makes us comfortable and stress free. We can start our practice with five minutes duration and prolong it up to thirty minutes. This meditation will be easier and comfortable to practice with the passage of time. It may bring the balance back into our body and our breathing is deepened, reducing stress with slowing down our heart rate and blood pressure and our muscles relaxed. All our problems and diseases are cured and our productivity is boosted up.

Everyone can take all benefits after a little practice. It is not difficult to learn the technique to keep ourselves relaxed. These methods may be different but give the same results. We may select breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, visualization and yoga. We should keep up our routine of practice once or twice a day. We must set our daily work exactly at the same time.

We may try to practice it when we awake early in the morning which is the best time and before going to the bed in the night. Relaxation technique of our choice should be selected by us from the many techniques available like Breathing meditation, Guided meditation, Mantra meditation, etc.

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