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Oct 042009

The easiest way to have inner calm can be achieved by breathing exercises. Stressful symptoms of our body may reduce in just ten minutes of breathing exercises. Nervous system of our body is controlling our breathing systems which makes a sort of bridge between the inner and outer world of our system.

The relaxation techniques may be different to focus and control on our breath. The most natural technique of meditation is breathing exercise. The disturbance in our thoughts can be controlled by moving our focus on the breath.

Relaxation meditation which is performed at the time of going to bed, called ‘progressive exercises’. Move slowly by breathing deeply and count up to ten or twenty and then try to relax the muscles while breathing out until the body is totally relaxed. It should be started from our calf muscles upward and finish at the face and take more deep breaths until we fall asleep.

Relaxation meditation is a very powerful antidote which can easily relieve us from any kinds of stresses. Relaxation methods may be visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation and yoga can relieve us from all problems. The feeling of joy and stress free calmness can be had by practicing it regularly. It is not merely an exercise but also prepare us to face all problems of life calmly.

The relaxation meditation takes our body system back into balance. It is through this process that our breathing is deepened, stress hormones are reduced and the pace of heart rate and blood pressure is slowed down with relaxation in the muscles of our body.

It not only calms down our physical stresses but our energy of the body is also toned up. It tones up our motivation and problem solving capabilities. It should be a routine work of our lives which can be once or twice a day. It may be strictly adhered to as a daily routine thing before taking any other responsibilities. We can not select any technique as the best but it should be in accordance with our needs, fitness and preferences.

The technique that resonates with breathing system is best for us to practice. The techniques of relaxation are not difficult to learn but daily practice can make us an expert. The benefits of meditation are various and our stress can also be reduced.

Certain solo relaxation techniques are adopted by those who prefer to live in isolation and these methods make our mind calm and recharge our batteries. If we prefer social get together, the class setting stimulate and help us to find what we are looking for. If we make practicing with the tendency of mixing up with other, we always remain motivated. Deep breathing is the best source of relaxation and it can also be mixed up with aromatherapy and music. Patience is the key to learn meditation which leads us to relaxation.