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Oct 042009

Meditation is a pathway to spiritual heights. This can make us to achieve complete relaxation, inner peace, mental clarity and awareness. We can penetrate the problems that are being experienced and the changes we want to improve our lives by meditating regularly. We can move near to self-awareness and self-realization through this process. It should be regularly performed at least once in a day at the same time in the morning or evening.

Meditation is practiced all over the world by everyone, every culture and traditions. The forms of which may be different but the result is the same. Need of a spiritual guru is not must but it would be much better if it is started with the help of guru.

A peaceful place can be selected by our own not to get disturbed by outer world. It may be quiet and comfortable room. We can have a candle or incense stick burning to make it comfortable for us to concentrate. We should start with closing our eyes and breathing naturally. Now begin to breathe deeply from the abdomen filling the belly and lung with air. We must feel grateful to God by focusing on our heart.

The feeling that everything is disappearing around and our focus on heart should be continued. Our meditation must be deepened at this particular point and our breathing process be continued. Disturbance in thoughts be allowed to pass away. Some mantra of our liking like ‘OM’ may be recited while focusing on the breath is continued with awareness and alertness.

We may start it from 5 to 10 minutes in a day and more time be added up to 30 minutes a day or twice a day. It is advised not to force our ways but let it open up like a flower. Listening of spiritual music and spiritual speech of Guru helps a lot. Don’t be impatient when we miss for a day but try to feel the change that is experienced.

Spiritual meditation makes us to praise our God for giving us every thing. This realization is spiritual meditation. The negative feeling is expelled from our thoughts. Both spiritual and traditional meditation is a process of cleansing and healing our mind and body but spiritual may relate to our religious point of view. Relaxation and understanding of this cosmos is to be created by both of theses meditation. Both forms meditation make us feel more complete in our lives.

Spiritual meditation concentrates on our ideal and focuses on love, happiness and peace. It makes us feel that the beauty and goodness is spreading in our lives. It is our personal choice to which forms we select for ourselves but results are life changing and pleasure finding. Personal awareness and spiritual growth is achieved through this process.

The deep effect of meditation can be felt on our mind, body and our personal relations. The ultimate goal of meditation is self-realization. Relaxation benefits and spiritual growth can be achieved through this process. It is a discovery of our consciousness which has no ending at all .