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May 282010

Markata means monkey and asana means posture, it is a  posture of monkey.  This asana is good for kidneys, liver, spleen and many other ailments. Practice this asana carefully to get all benefits.

Procedure 1

1. Lie on back, join toes and heel together.
2. Now bend knees to place the heels close to buttocks.
3. Keep both feet resting on the floor.
4. Place both hands straight with palms upside, lieing on floor and parallel to the shoulders.
5. Breathe normally. Keeping the knees joint, touch the right knee on ground (left knee will be above the right knee).
6. Keep the neck to the other (left) side as possible.
7. Remain in this position as long as it is comfortable.
8. Exhale to come back to starting point.
9. Repeat this asana to the other (left) side with same steps.

Procedure 2 (Variant-2)

In this variant all procedure is same except, both legs will remain apart while twisting both the sides, so as to touch one leg’s knee to the other leg’s heel.

1. Lie on back, keep both legs apart about a feet .
2. Now bend knees to place the heels close to buttocks.
Bend both the knees to the right, to touch the floor. The left knee should touch the right leg’s heel on the floor.
Keep the neck on the opposite side (left) as much as possible.
Repeat this posture on the other side with same actions.

Procedure 3 (Variant-3)

1. Lie down straight and spread the hands parallel to the shoulder level, with palms facing up.
2. Inhale and raise the left leg up keeping straight, at 90-degree to the ground, then bend it to the right side of the body to touch the floor. Then touch or grip this left leg’s toe by right hand. Keep your neck at the left side.
Stay in this position for few seconds and come back to the normal lying posture.
Now repeat the same procedure with right leg. Raise the right leg straight upward at 90-degree to the floor. Bend it to the left side of your body to touch the floor. Now touch or grip this right leg’s toe by left hand. Keep your neck to the right side.
5. Repeat this posture for two to three times both sides.


  • Bring improvement in intestines, relieves constipation and  indigestion.
  • Relaxes stiffness of legs, back muscles.
  • Spine gets  flexibility.
  • Backaches decreases.
  • Useful in cervical spondylolysis, slip disc, and sciatica.
  • Also useful in stomach pain, dysentery, and gastric problems.


Try to keep the feet firmly with buttocks, keep toes and feet together.