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Oct 082009

Manipur chakra is taken from Sanskrit word which means place of jewels. It is also called Solar Plexus and location is assumed just behind the navel on the spinal cord of our body.

Main functions of Solar Plexus are to keeps us physically and mentally active. Also energy is generated in this characidae which rejuvenates us and we always feel the power of youthfulness. Our psychological problems like jealousy, fear, remorse, shame, disgust, psychic feelings and intuition are given outlet by this chakra.

How to open solar plexus chakra? : This chakra has been associated with ten major nadis which play dual role of physical as well as spiritual and psychic. It may cause problems to our body at the physical, emotional and mental level if the navel moves from its place. Our body, mind and spirit get unified at the center. This navel center changes in its universal, human plane and earthly forces into life-force energy of our body. This energy gets flowing inwardly and outwardly to feed energy to our body, mind and spirit.

Provides Major Psychic Power:

  • This chakra when gets activated can give subtle knowledge of energies, free from fear of fire and from phobic to benefits in our lives.
  • It may provide power to understand physical ailments of other people.
  • This chakra gives knowledge of stars and the world beyond this life and our inner requirement like water, earth and fire get balanced.
  • It provides healing of our body and knowledge as well.
  • Hunger and thirst of our body is controlled by it.

Fire in the Belly: Our navel center is called fire in the belly and it is also the rejuvenating center of our body. The navel of our body is not like a funnel but it is outty navel. There is slight right hip pull that gives light pull towards the right side of our body. This further creates tightness in the lower left side which can pull the lumber plexus off the center. This may cause leg pains in the left side.

Pattern Of Damage: The shapes of our navels get the nadis to expose the pattern of the damages that has been caused to the body due to some element like fear, anger, depression, obsession, worries, drugs, medications, bad eating habits and over work. There is a Para-tan sound which can easily get our problems rectified. This gets happened when we are working in some groups or ideally doing as a couple. A glow on our face is increased when the nadis get activated and health problems are also solved.

Balancing of all Forces: The balances of forces are made by the navel of our body. It is also the center of our physical gravity whether we are doing yoga in a standing or sitting position. Our navel is really one of the energy centres of our body which can transform energy frequently in the system. We use Para-tan which help us to use our energy normally. The spiritual awakening, it is the same energy center of our body system or main laboratory in the body.

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