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May 282010

Makara in Sanskrit means crocodile and is one of the easiest postures to cure back and knees problems. Slip disc and sciatica can also be  cured. This asana helps in de-stressing and relaxation like shavasana. It relaxes the muscles after fatigue or jogging sprint. It alleviates breathing troubles and cures problem like high blood pressure.


1. Lie flat on the carpet with the chin, chest and abdomen touching the floor.
2. Now stretch out both the legs together at full length.
3. Place the arms on their respective sides.
4. Place both the legs comfortably apart and rest them on the floor.
5. Now place hands beneath the chins on both sides, like a stand in upright position, and elbow resting on ground.
6. Now while taking deep breath bend the both legs one by one in the beginning and after practicing lift  simultaneously towards hip, heels should touch the buttocks.
7. Now, start exhaling and make the legs straight slowly to reach the start position.
8. Do this twenty to twenty five times.


  • Gives a complete relaxation to  the body and mind.
  • The asana cures and helps to correct many breathing troubles and disorders  of the genitourinary system.
  • Cures slip disc, sciatica and cervical spondylitis problems.
  • Beneficial in asthma.
  • Useful in knee pain.


The patients with heart problems, obesity, and high blood pressure should avoid this asana.