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Sep 112009

Kundalini awakening is a very interesting and unique thing for seekers to know about. There are different symptoms in different persons and it always varies from person to person. Some common experiences can be described. There are some common symptoms that are usually experienced in the awakening of kundalini.

Usual or Common Experiences

We have the feeling of tingling in our body and brain. It is as if some ants are walking. There is flush of energy being felt in the brain which creates blissfulness in the mind. There is a feel of cold or heat that is running in the different energy centers. Muscles of our body show symptoms of some twitching and fluttering. Our body and mind feel the pinching and burning in the different parts of our body and brain.

Specific or Uncommon Experiences

There are certain uncommon symptoms that are experienced by some person. Energy may burst in any part of our body for a short period of time. Kundalini yoga may move on spontaneously. The energy in the spine rises up and continues there. The feeling of sensation is felt in the forehead and if this pressure is prolonged, it is better to stop it without further delay. The feeling of love and attraction is felt for our partners and the desire for sex is intensely experienced. The pain in the lower back, headaches and in the back of the neck is experienced by some persons.

Divine light which is purely white and extremely beautiful is experienced in the process. The energy in the form of vibration is felt in the inner ears. It blissfully controls our consciousness. The constant ecstasy and pleasure is immensely experienced. Sometimes paralysis in the body may happen. The complete immobility and rigidity in the body is felt.  It is rarely felt that the arms and legs start churning like that of a baby. But it is simply blissful. There is no doubt that kundalini is sleeping inside our body and it needs to be shaken from its deep sleep. It is always an enjoyable experience, if it is supported by our spiritual keenness to awake it.

We must have the intense desire to find God and have the compassion for others. It is not difficult to awake kundalini then. The most powerful thing will be in our hand in the form of kundalini. We should stop running after everything if we are really interested to awake kundalini. An awakened kundalini covers all kinds of energy which includes cosmic thinking and blissfulness. An enlightenment, complete ecstasy and understanding of the reality are experienced. We must love our lives and bodies as it while awaking kundalini. There must be spiritual focus with devotion to find God within ourselves.

Precautions must be taken

It is better not to awake kundalini if we are not mentally and emotionally prepared for it. Meditation heals us from inside and stops us from going on the wrong path. We must learn this art of kundalini from some expert yogis carefully instead of experimenting ourselves on own body, otherwise it may lead to kundalini syndrome symptoms.