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Aug 182009

Kandharasana or Shoulder Pose is an easy practice for stretching the back, abdominal and waist especially. It is good for relieving these area’s problems.


1. Lie down on the back like shavasana.

2. Bend the knees and put the heels touching the buttocks. Now grasp the ankles with respective hands.

3. While inhaling, raise the hips and waist upward as much as possible. Head, shoulders and feet sole should be touching the floor. Stay in this pose for 15-20 seconds or for the time comfortable for you.

4. For coming back to normal position, reverse the procedure slowly. While exhaling, bring down the waist on the floor slowly, leave the ankles and make the legs straight apart like shavasana.


Kandharasana or Shoulder Pose should be practiced in few repetition of 15-20 seconds each. It should not be over practiced to cross the body limits.


  • It is very effective asana to realign the Surya Kendra (Navel) and spine. Also, good for relieving stomach and waist pain.
  • Kandharasana or Shoulder Pose is effective for women suffering from menstrual disorder and uterus problems. Also helpful in spermatorrhoea, prolapse, asthma, bronchial and thyroid.
  • It improves the digestion by streaching, massaging the colon and abdominal area.

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