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Sep 172009

Practicing kundalini may be dangerous for those who start learning it abruptly without any guidance from the yoga master or are not serious in doing it. This will surely put them in trouble and they may face very serious problems of heart attack, dehydration or sometimes torn cartilage.

Kundalini yoga is just like a tool and it should be used properly in order to achieve enlightenment. It may be perilous for the seekers who are not mentally prepared to face a kind of race ahead of them. If they are seriously ready to face it properly then there is no danger for anyone. We must be psychologically strong enough to accept the transformation that may take place during the practice in our body.

Guidance Of Guru Is Must: It is also very dangerous for the persons who want to acquire the power to have control over the life. This may imbalance their soul and put them on the wrong path. Practicing kundalini after reading books may also put their lives in danger because only a wise master of yoga can teach them this art. Yoga is an art that makes the person scientifically a balanced being with pure soul. A person with pure soul always tries to put his one foot in heaven and other on the earth.

Importance Of Patience: We face danger from kundalini when we try to achieve it hurriedly in a weeks or month. It normally takes years to accomplish it. Timing is the most vital factor in this process. It should be kept in mind while performing it properly. It must be avoided or stopped when the person is under stress or strain. All the negative thoughts may be avoided while practicing it.

Self Discipline: Kundalini makes the energy to flow from unconscious mind of a person. A person who has no self-discipline over his unconscious mind may face this danger. All the angular energies from sub-conscious and unconscious mind like hatred, greed, attachment and emotional exploitation which disturb the sub-conscious mind are erased from the mind. A sane guru can successfully handle these problems while teaching the kundalini yoga. The master of yoga knows how to strengthen the muscles, increase the oxygen, and improve tolerance and focus to be maintained. It is the unconscious mind that releases more energy and also absorbs that released energy.

Complete procedure must be followed: Hath yoga, Bhakti Yoga or Karma yoga may be practiced or mastered before moving to some deeper levels of kundalini. Kundalini yoga is a nobler science and it should be learned scientifically with complete patience. The negative problems are just like ghosts that keep on disturbing the mind of the seekers. These kinds of problem are always tormenting our unconscious mind which is very dangerous for the yoga performers. The energy in the unconscious mind try to empower the ways to come out strongly which should be checked properly. An excessive flow of energy before the body is ready to absorb is a premature awakening of kundalini. Kundalini power is a super energy which has to be tamed patiently and wisely.