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Sep 212009

Meditation provides health benefits which enhances our concentration, decreases the worries and feeling of ecstasy is experienced. It is really not good for a person to leave this practice of meditation after some time but it should be followed for life time. It may be because of wavering mind set of the beginners not to sustain it for a long period of time. There may some hurdles in the way of starting meditation but once these blockages are removed, the person can continue for life time.

Stretching is to be begun to relax our muscles and tendons before starting meditation. It can move the process of going inward which bring some extra attention to our body to begin with. The beginners are made to understand one particular point that it is an active process and it is not easy to focus on one special point, they should engage themselves in order to concentrate continuously.

There may be some sort of disappointment which does not let our mind calm. Do not get frustrated but continue this process. They must try the different methods moving from traditional yoga style of crossed-legged to get power of focusing with eyes opened or closed or in sitting position.

Easy Tips and Techniques For Beginners

  • The ideal time for meditation is early in the morning. We rarely get disturbed in the morning and we must get up half an hour earlier to start meditation.
  • We should be very particular about choosing a pollution free and peaceful place for meditaion. It may be your room, it may be different from sleeping room or working or exercising room. A peaceful natural place is also suitable for meditation like peaceful river bank, sea beach, hills or mountains. Indian yogis prefer to visit ‘Himalaya’ for meditation and awakening kundalini for attainment of God.
  • A beginner should start with deep breathing which slows down the heart rate and relaxes our muscles and focuses our mind. It is an ideal method to start.
  • The beginners should start taking notice of their body parts to calm down for meditation, starting from the feet to upward parts one by one, including the internal organs of the body. This is a very easy and helpful technique.
  • The beginners should notice the slightest change in our physical movement which can transform them in to meditative mood.
  • Try to keep some spiritual related literature or use candle to make you feel at ease in the room. Reading of books related to meditation is to be preferred. A person can make use of candle light to get focused to strengthen their power. You may enjoy some instrumental tapes or CDs.
  • The awareness of being in the meditation should be there even if we are not in the meditation. Don’t get disturbed during this process of meditation.
  • Don’t be in hurry, be patient. Don’t make stress about it because it is very useful for the beginners to take it easily while meditating. It is life-long practice and makes it a habit to continue it.
  • The seeker should try to stick with practice regularly preferably twice a day in order to get benefits. It is best to meditate alone, but still those who want to do it with partner or in group, can practice as far as purpose is fulfilled.