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Oct 042009

Vipassana or Insight is the most ancient method of meditation and it means to see things in its actual form. It was rediscovered by Lord Buddha about twenty five hundred years ago and was prescribed by him as remedy of universal problems. This method is non-sectarian method but it uproots the impurities of our mind and provides happiness of complete freedom from all attachment.

Vipashyana is really a healing of human suffering and all self-created problems. It is through self-observation that a self-transformation is possible in this meditation. The deep interlink between our mind and body is chiefly focused on this meditation. A balanced mind which is full of love and compassion for others is discovered in this method. This self-exploratory road leads us to eradicate our mental impurities.

Our thoughts, feelings, judgments and sensations are made clear to us through this meditation. Self-control, awareness, peace and worries are removed from our life. There are certain restrictions that are imposed by it. We should avoid killing, sexual activities, stealing, intoxications and allegations. We should develop mastery over our mind by knowing the natural reality of movement of our breath. Our mind become quieter and more focused than before. We learn the love of kindness or goodwill and purity of mind is developed. A mental training is actually practiced by it. Vipassana can develop our keenness to improve physically and mentally. This meditation has been kept in its original form and is offered freely.

The result of this form is gradual with continued practice. We expect all our problems to be solved in day or two. The more it is practiced with dedicated mind, the better it is to get freedom from all our miseries. We should find a place to sit comfortably. We may sit on the floor or chair. Try to close the eyes and remain still to focus on continuously. The practitioners should be mindful of his in and out breathing. Whenever we feel little bit distracted, try to refocus on our breathing.

The meditator will experience the feeling of itching, aches, dullness and some time stiffness. Don’t feel disturbed because this will disappear shortly. This is not symptoms of any disease but the results of natural sensitivity of our body. Energetic concentration will make such symptoms to disappear gradually. We may some time see images but this the creation our mind. We should have patience and our mind not to be disturbed any materialistic thoughts. The negative thoughts must be replaced by positive thoughts so that our mind remain undisturbed and find peace. Vipassana meditation is regularly practiced in India in its original style and method.