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Sep 182009

Meditation should be practiced by all in modern lifestyle. The life has become stressful, over-worked and unhappy that the need of meditation is being felt. Our lives have become so tiresome, impatient and full of frustration which affects our health and we have always feel shortage of time to meditate.

Peace of mind can only be achieved by meditation. An inner peace and balance of mind is achieved by meditation and it makes us to understand our mind and change it from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful and from unhappy to happy state of mind. The spiritual practice can be had through it which may prolong our ecstatic period even after the meditation is over.

Relaxation, good health and consciousness of mind are possible only through meditation. It also enables us to feel contented with our lives which are free from materialistic pursuit. Whatever the form you adopt of meditation, it should enable us to control our wandering thoughts and make it quiet.

It may be difficult to control our thoughts and our mind will be flooded with endless thoughts when we remain silent for a while. We can learn to control our thoughts after some time. Slavery of thoughts is never good for us and it is really in our hands to decide which thoughts are to be rejected. Patience is required to focus in meditation and free our mind from materialistic pursuits. It is essential to detach ourselves from materialistic world and it becomes quite easy to put stoppage to thoughts.

Meditation – How To Learn?

Sense of self should be separated from our mental make up to absorb our mind in meditation. Though it is difficult to put control on our mind but it is virtually not impossible to get inner complete silence.

Concentration may be focused on a candle or on flower or anything and reciting of simple mantra can allow us to go in for meditation. Even listening to our own heart beat can serve this purpose to focus one particular point. It really becomes easy to meditate after an art concentration is achieved. It is to be done with intensity and focus and not to be performed mechanically. There should be feeling in our mind that it is the last of our life in this world while doing meditation.

It may be a sort of prayer or worship for an ordinary person. It virtually means complete awareness. Even watching our movement of breath is meditation. It is related to even listening the chirping of the birds. It is really effective if it does not allow the distraction of our mind. It is simply a way of life not any kind of technique.

Meditation is a realization of Almighty. We create some sort of problems for ourselves by saying that gardening is our meditation or art, music or jogging. There are different forms of meditation namely Transcendental meditation, Prayer, Zen meditation, Taoist meditation, Mindfulness and Buddhist meditation. The methods may be different but goal is the same.