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Aug 292009

Kundalini chakras in yoga can be practiced in different ways. The word Chakras is taken from the Sanskrit language which means wheel or vortex and refers to the seven energy centers. Our consciousness and energy system is to be developed out this energy. The function of these energy centers is to regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. The effect of these chakras is reflected in our decisions that are responded to the condition in our daily lives. We can open and close these chakras whenever we decide to think or feel differently.

Chakras Are Aspect of Consciousness

The chakras are aspects of consciousness and they are not physical at all. They further interact with the physical system of our body through the nervous system and the endocrine system. All the seven chakras are related to the seven endocrine glands and also to the plexus which are known as a group of nerves. Each charka is really associated with each part of the body. Different functions are controlled by these plexus which related to these chakras.

Perceptions are Experienced

All our perceptions and senses can be experienced by us through these Chakras. They not only touch physical parts of our body, but also the parts of our consciousness. Tension felt in our consciousness can be felt in the chakras that are related to the part of our consciousness. The nerves of the plexus can detect the tension in the chakras. It is transmitted to those parts of our body which are controlled by that plexus. Continued tension which is felt by our body creates a symptom on the physical level.

Reflection of Idea

The symptom which is felt in our body simply speaks a language which is reflected into an idea. The symptom is communicated to us through our body that is felt in our consciousness. The chakras are not materially real but are understood in real senses.

Kundalini actually reaches each chakra which further opens the flower. As soon as we leave for higher chakra, the lotus closes its petals. Kundalini is really powerful but dormant source of energy.  Kundalini chakra is a mysterious and orthodox source of energy.

Resting place of primal energy is called Mooladhara chakra. Yoga awakes the sleeping Kundalini through self-purification which leads up to chakra where pure energy is united with sacred consciousness. Powerful energy remains dormant in various chakras. Every chakra is like a gate to enter the parts of our brain to get some extraordinary power by meditation and concentration on different chakras.

We can gain amazing divine power once these chakras are activated. We should be very conscious while getting training of these chakras. These chakras can be learnt from some masters of yoga who have themselves mastered the art of chakras. The so called expert yogis should be completely avoided. We need to enquire about the real yoga master. We must also try to avoid practicing chakras by watching videos.

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