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Sep 122009

Kundalini can be awaken through different Yoga Asanas, Pranayam, Diksha (transfer of divine energy from teacher to disciple), Kriya Yoga, Mantra and even Ayurvedic herbs and Potions. There is another option available for the seekers named Ras Vigyan (use of consecrated mercury).

The safest way is through the mantra sadhana and it should be tried by everybody. The huge flow of energy can make great harm to the body and it may be systematically channelised through the body to avoid any kind of danger when kundalini has awaken. The mantra sadhana is a slow and no risk is involved in the system. It is practiced under the proper guidance of an expert teacher or yogi who keeps complete control while kundalini is awakening. Six chakras are to be activated in this method and it should be one at a time. It covers seven stages in the process.

The presence of teacher is essential when kundalini is awakening which brings divine power in the body. In this process the seekers’ weaknesses namely jealousy, greed, anger, ego, infatuation and many more negative things can be removed. The intensity of the struggle between the positivity and negativity of a person is so increased that a person may get mentally disturbed. This may make him to adopt wrong path which is not good for his life.

An experienced master of yoga will never let negative energy penetrate in the body. All the wrong things will be destroyed with the help of mantra. The mantras are different in forms to make six of the chakras active. Awakening is not merely possible with the sadhana of a person. It is not simply miracle that will happen but it is really slow and steady process. It takes some time to activate kundalini. Activation can occur after the sadhana is accomplished and the person feels the purity of mind. A person is totally free from negative things and is ready to awaken kundalini with patience.

Kundalini Mantras are being practiced from the time immemorial to activate the process of kundalini. Mental meditations, pranayama and hard physical exercise are practiced to stimulate the power of kundalini. The mantras are sound vibrations to activate the divine energy within the body.

A specific ‘Mantra’ is given by the Guru (The Spiritual Master) to his Shishya (Disciple) which is known as ‘Guru Mantra’. The disciple chants the mantra regularly with concentration, meditation and complete devotion, in a certain manner with some restrictions as per guidance of his master. This process helps the disciple to activate the kundalini power. With the vibrations of mantra chanting by tongue, the brain, spine and body are affected in positive direction. As the practice increases day by day, divine power begins.

Every mantra has different effect in the body so, the mantra should be decided and given by the Guru. This is the easy most  but slower process for kundalini awakening. Anyone can easily begin the process of mantras by chanting with meditation and concentration and follow the Guru’s instructions.

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