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Sep 032009

Kundalini means coiled and Kundalini yoga is like a coiled serpent. It is primary wish of all human being on this earth that they want to attain eternal happiness. Yogis have over the years tried to get this eternal bliss through Kundalini power. The faculty of thinking and reasoning is only present in human being. This quality of human being enables him to attain God-consciousness. Yogis have woken up from their slumber in order to awaken Kundalini power.

Purity of Mind

Yogis are perfect in performing Kundalini due to their purity of mind. It is strongly advised by them to all human being that they should regulate their conduct in dealing with others. Jealousy towards others should be avoided and try to be compassionate. Avoid hating sinners and be kind to all. Yogis are successful in getting their Kundalini power because they put their maximum energy in yogic practice. Their keen desire for liberation from these worldly desires put them ahead of us.

Mental Substances

Yogis prefer chitta that is their mental substance in various forms. Concentration is attained out of these forms. The transformations take place in our mind which is just like thought-waves, or whirlpools. Limitless whirlpools are taking place in the ocean of our mind.  We are supposed to collect the dissipated rays of our mind during our concentration. The waves in the mind should be put down to make ourselves calm and serene. Yogis enjoy peace and bliss after achieving this in Kundalini. The real happiness is within us. We have to get by controlling our mind.

Firm Faiths

Kundalini yoga can be achieved by those who are constantly engaged in the service of God and are free from any kinds of lust, anger, greed and vanity in their lives. Yogis can get intuition of real knowledge through Samadhi. Yogis keep their body healthy, strong and under perfect control to achieve Kundalini power. We should walk on the path of these yogic practices in order to attain Kundalini power very cautiously. All the hurdles will have to be removed which don’t allow us to march further. Yogis can easily practice these to climb the hill to get there with firm faith.

Yogic Kriya

Yogic practices are performed with various kinds of siddhis. These kinds of siddhis are really hurdles in the path of realization. Yogis don’t care about these siddhis in order to advance further to reach their goal of realization. Spiritual knowledge is achieved after obtaining self-realization. We have to awaken Kundalini which is asleep within us. Yogis are putting their mind with purity and without any kinds of lust to be able get there.

Our goal should be to attain that Kundalini power without lust, greed and attachment in our lives. We have to follow yogis in this regard and put ourselves in the fire of purity to make us able to achieve our goal. Try to achieve it without any disturbance in our mind.