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Sep 262009

It is really wonderful to meditate in order to get rejuvenated and enlightened. Guided meditation can be practiced from three minutes to thirty minutes to get health benefits. It is practiced with the help of experienced master to get the desired results. A voice of master or prayer audio takes the practitioner into the state of meditation by following the script or the words spoken. Every person wants relaxed mind and body in order to live life peacefully without disturbance. Meditation is the only way to reduce our stress and tension.

How to practice guided meditation?

We should start this meditation in sitting and lying relaxed position. It is followed by listening of a story, letting imagination to get worked, conscious or unconscious mind which automatically follow the words or some scenario. Our body gets relaxed, stress level is reduced and the focus is on sounds, the words and the voice during this process. Deep relaxation is achieved after focusing on the particular things or sound effects. The guided meditation brings the persons to experience the different kinds of relaxation to get the rejuvenated state of mind.

Benefits of guided meditation

Our subconscious mind feel relaxation even if we fall asleep while listening to the music or guidance audio. The subconscious mind remains alert and the body gets the benefits. The calmness and the relaxation of mind can protect the body from any damage. More benefits of guided meditations are:

  • Heart-rate gets reduced
  • Breathing process is normalized
  • Blood pressure gets normal
  • Peace and relaxation is experienced
  • Tension and stress¬† level is reduced
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem is really improved
  • We achieve clarity of mind
  • Memory is improved and enhanced
  • Focusing gets improved
  • Experiencing the feeling of comfort and safety
  • Feeling of an ecstasy, joy and happiness
  • Experiencing the optimism
  • Feeling of achieving unison with God

Protection from harmful effects

Our body gets protection from harmful effects by doing this mediation regularly without allowing any negative thoughts in the mind. The professional musicians have composed a very soothing music to get relaxed for women and men. We can have this information from professionals or by buying tape, audio or CDs in the market. We are supposed to live our lives with healthy body and holistic mind. Deep relaxation is experienced after it is practiced regularly.

Help us to understand our own mind

The guided meditation helps us to understand our own mind which is very essential to get relaxation and peace of mind. The transformation from negative to positive mind set up, from disturbed to peaceful, impatient to patient and from unhappy to happy is learnt by us from meditation. This is the permanent spiritual practice that we experience throughout the day and not just during the meditation.

Guided Meditation virtually gives us more time to feel peace of mind and relaxed. We need to practice this for at least ten to fifteen minutes a day to get results. Keep patience while practicing this meditation with complete focus and calmness of mind.