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May 272010

Garbha means foetus in the womb. This posture gives complete relaxation. The speed of inhalation and exhalation get reduced in this pose. It is quite beneficial asana for the whole body. Mind of a man starts getting communion with the soul after the perfection of this posture. All inner organs get toned up in this asana


1. Sit in Padmasana, take your hands between thighs and ankle to your ears and hold them.
2. Try rest the back against the wall and pull the crossed legs upwards by bending at the hip.
3. Remained  cheer up through out this posture.
4. Use your hands to lift the legs in the beginning.  Later on you will learn to balance the upraised legs without support.
5. Maintain this position for some time.
6. Come back gradually and bit by bit.
7. Keep the balance while coming back to normal position.
8. Breathe normally through out this practice.
9. Don’t do this asana in a hurry.


Do this for a shorter duration from five to ten seconds initially and extend time to one minute later on depending on age and ability of the aspirants to avoid any problem.


  • Cures colic pain.
  • All the abdominal organs get trimmed.
  • Cures gas trouble.
  • Improves digestion power .


1. Persons with hip, back, neck, sciatica, slip disc or spondylitis should avoid this posture.
2. Consult the doctor before starting this asana.