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Sep 302009

There are many meditation techniques in different cultures but it has got universal appeal. Whatever technique of meditation will be suitable to a person should definitely be selected.

There are some techniques which are called concentrative and need your focus, certain techniques need expansive approach which is called Vipassana and allow free flow of thoughts and their observation.

The benefits of meditation can be had by adopting even one technique. Peace and serenity is experienced through meditation. It allows the person to be one with the almighty and our physical and mental problems are also solved.

Mantra Technique includes some sounds which constantly attract us to get in a meditative condition of mind. Mantra means that kinds of sounds which come up automatically. We cannot mix up the mantra with our religious hymns that may cause confusion. The mantra may be taught by some guru or self-learnt but these should be attractive to our mind.

Trataka Technique is adopted by many religions which include even Christianity and Sufism. In this technique a person is advised to gaze at one particular thing constantly. This is also used in Indian yoga which takes the seeker to that level of meditation which is the highest shores of meditation.

Chakra Awakening is a technique for energy exposition. The chakra means wheel and there are seven chakras in the human body. These chakras help us to move our nerve points connected with the spine and tone up the organs of the body. Meditation through this technique gives push to have awakening of the chakra and ultimately the Almighty.

Vipassana Meditation means insight and through this technique, we can penetrate to see the nature of our own personality. We can adopt good points and exclude the bad elements of our personality. This technique gives us air of freedom from old-fashioned rites and our wisdom grows to analyze the kinds of various sensations in our body which include cold, itching, pain etc.

Raja Yoga Meditation is a technique which takes the yogi to that level when he starts having feeling of oneness with the Almighty. It teaches him to avoid seeking the sensuous happiness which is temporary and try to have permanent bliss of life. It makes him cement his pleasures of seeking the God. He tries to keep himself away from the joy of flesh and worldly pleasures. He awakens his spiritual energy. The learning of this technique should be under the guidance of some experienced master or spiritual guru.

Meditation is followed these days to have peace of mind to improve mental illness and physical tiredness. Meditation is universal in appeal and even one technique of it will solve so many worldly problems in our lives. Meditation techniques are different in different parts of the world but its benefits are the same. Certain techniques are very expansive which allow to have free run of thoughts and others are based on concentration which focuses on one particular thing.

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