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Aug 082009

Chakra means wheal, in sanskrit. The body looks like wheel’s shape while doing Chakra Asana. This is also known as Urdhva-dhanur-asana, which means pose similar to ‘bow’. Urdhva means elevated or upright and Dhanur stands for bow. This way we may call it ‘Raised Bow Pose’.


1. Lie flat on the back comfortably like shavasana.

2. Bend the knees completely as feet should touch the buttocks.

3. Bend arms at the elbows over the head, and place the palms on the floor, just under both shoulders. Fingers should be pointing toward the back.

4. While inhaling, slowly start raising the head, chest, stomach and waist upward by arching the spine. Keep pressing the floor by hands and feet. Try raising your body this way as high as possible.

5. Now, if possible for you comfortably, along with maintaining this posture, try to bring hands and feet nearer on the floor so as to make a wheel like structure.

6. For coming back to normal position of shavasana, reverse the steps slowly while exhaling.


The duration at the final posture is as per your comfort, don’t overdo it. Chakrasana can be repeated 3-4 times.

Chakrasana Benefits

  • Makes the spinal cord flexible and strengthens stomach and intestines.
  • Helpful for waist pain, headache, eye problems, cervical and spondylosis
  • Makes muscles of hands, thighs, legs stronger.
  • Helpful for women’s menstrual disorders and uterus problems.