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May 282010
Markatasana | Monkey Pose

In sanskrit language, monkey is called as ‘markata’ and asana means posture. Therefore, Markat asana also called as ‘Monkey Pose’. Mainly, markatasana is for strengthening the spine and improvement of spinal flexibility. This is very helpful yoga pose to cure sciatica. Also good for stomach problems like liver, spleen, kidney ailments. How to do Markatasana ? […]

May 282010
Makarasana | Crocodile Pose

Makara in Sanskrit means crocodile and is one of the easiest postures to cure back and knees problems. Slip disc and sciatica can also be  cured. This asana helps in de-stressing and relaxation like shavasana. It relaxes the muscles after fatigue or jogging sprint. It alleviates breathing troubles and cures problem like high blood pressure. […]

May 272010
Bakasana | Crane Pose

Baka in Sanskrit language means crane which is a bird. This is a compact arm balance posture which gives a lot of patience to the tense person. It tones up, strengthen the abdominal organs and arms. Arm balances require patience, concentration, cheerful behavior and not huge strength. Process 1. Place the palms of both hands […]

May 272010
Ardha Chandrasana | Half Moon Pose

In Sanskrit language ‘ardh’ means half, ’chandra ‘means moon or shining. The moon has got a rich and important symbolic in yoga .The sun and moon refers to two polar energies of body of a human being. This half moon pose is better to be done near the wall. This crescent posture is suitable to […]

May 272010
Bhujangasana | Cobra Pose

Bhujang in Sanskrit means ‘cobra’ resembles the ‘hooded snake’ and it is a cobra pose. It is one of the important postures in yoga. Spine get stretched to strengthen the arms and back. Heart, chest and many physical and psychological benefits are attained in this posture. Purna Bhujangasana This is a variant of bhujangasana. Following […]

May 272010
Garbhasana | Fetus Pose

Garbha means foetus in the womb. This posture gives complete relaxation. The speed of inhalation and exhalation get reduced in this pose. It is quite beneficial asana for the whole body. Mind of a man starts getting communion with the soul after the perfection of this posture. All inner organs get toned up in this […]

May 272010
Konasana | Angle Pose

Konasana or Angle Pose is also known as open angle or seated wide leg forward bends.  Kona means angle and asana means posture. Procedure 1. Stand up straight with keeping the distance of legs around two feet. 2. Inhale slowly to and turn body to the left bending at the waist to bring left hand […]

May 272010
Garudasana | Half Spinal Twist Pose

Garuda is known a mythical ‘king of birds’ which is called vehicle of Lord Vishnu. It is known as ‘eagles pose’ also. It resembles the majestic bird reputed to possess fantastic powers of concentration, brings flexibility and calms the fluctuations of mind. It is an easy posture without any twisting, straining or bending. Process 1. […]

Aug 202009
Pawanmuktasana | Wind Releasing Pose

Pawanmuktasana is a sanskrit word. Pawan means wind or air, and mukta means releasing. As the name describes, gas is released from stomach digestive tract by practicing this asana. Pawanmuktasana or wind releasing pose is an excellent asana for stomach and digestive organs. Procedure 1. Lie down flat like shavasana. 2. Bend the right knee […]

Aug 182009
Kandharasana | Shoulder Pose

Kandharasana or Shoulder Pose is an easy practice for stretching the back, abdominal and waist especially. It is good for relieving these area’s problems. Procedure 1. Lie down on the back like shavasana. 2. Bend the knees and put the heels touching the buttocks. Now grasp the ankles with respective hands. 3. While inhaling, raise […]