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Sep 262009
What Is Mantra Meditation?

Our mental and psychic consciousness is really affected by the mantra meditation. It is advised by the spiritual Guru but we can select our own mantra also. Mantra must an attractive appeal to our mind when it is orally chanted. It creates very powerful vibrations which awaken our chakras to reach up to the God. […]

Sep 262009
Guided Meditation Techniques For Relaxation

It is really wonderful to meditate in order to get rejuvenated and enlightened. Guided meditation can be practiced from three minutes to thirty minutes to get health benefits. It is practiced with the help of experienced master to get the desired results. A voice of master or prayer audio takes the practitioner into the state […]

Sep 232009

Our inner peace and tranquility can be had by practicing breathing meditation. Breathing may be used as a technique to make our mind calm and free from stress. We need breathing meditation to put break on the distractions and make our mind more clear and lucid. This is the simplest meditation and can be practiced […]

Sep 212009
How To Meditate Beginners?

Meditation provides health benefits which enhances our concentration, decreases the worries and feeling of ecstasy is experienced. It is really not good for a person to leave this practice of meditation after some time but it should be followed for life time. It may be because of wavering mind set of the beginners not to […]

Sep 182009
How To Do Meditation?

Meditation should be practiced by all in modern lifestyle. The life has become stressful, over-worked and unhappy that the need of meditation is being felt. Our lives have become so tiresome, impatient and full of frustration which affects our health and we have always feel shortage of time to meditate. Peace of mind can only […]