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May 262010
What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation has become a supreme necessity in today’s fast life. We have entangled ourselves so much that we seldom have time to think about ourselves as a living being. Understanding of oneself, of one’s purpose is one of the aims of meditation. All the more, various kinds of physical, mental and psychological benefits are also […]

Oct 042009
Meditation And Spiritual Life

Meditation is a pathway to spiritual heights. This can make us to achieve complete relaxation, inner peace, mental clarity and awareness. We can penetrate the problems that are being experienced and the changes we want to improve our lives by meditating regularly. We can move near to self-awareness and self-realization through this process. It should […]

Oct 042009
How To Do Vipassana Meditation ?

Vipassana or Insight is the most ancient method of meditation and it means to see things in its actual form. It was rediscovered by Lord Buddha about twenty five hundred years ago and was prescribed by him as remedy of universal problems. This method is non-sectarian method but it uproots the impurities of our mind […]

Oct 042009
Meditation Is Best For Complete Relaxation

The easiest way to have inner calm can be achieved by breathing exercises. Stressful symptoms of our body may reduce in just ten minutes of breathing exercises. Nervous system of our body is controlling our breathing systems which makes a sort of bridge between the inner and outer world of our system. The relaxation techniques […]

Oct 032009
Meditation Is The Best For Stress Relief

Stress in our live is being experienced by everybody and our body  is relaxed through meditation. Physical damage to all parts of our body can be caused by this stress. Meditation makes our body calm and keeps us free from any kind of stress in order to prevent it from getting any further damage. Manifold […]

Oct 032009
Scientific Research Studies On Meditation

Meditation is essential to get freedom from stress and remain relaxed. The modern life of man has become so fast that we can not think of relaxation in life. Meditation is the only technique by adopting it, we can have relief of getting peace of mind. There are many techniques of practicing it regularly to […]

Oct 012009
Types Of Meditations

Meditation can be practiced in any of it’s types as per our interest. There are many types of meditation. Every body wants relaxation and peace of mind which can only be possible in meditation. Our union with the God can be made through the meditation. Life is full of tension and meditation makes it stress […]

Sep 302009
Different Yoga Meditation Techniques

There are many meditation techniques in different cultures but it has got universal appeal. Whatever technique of meditation will be suitable to a person should definitely be selected. There are some techniques which are called concentrative and need your focus, certain techniques need expansive approach which is called Vipassana and allow free flow of thoughts […]

Sep 302009
Easy Meditation Step By Step

Meditation is essential to get peace of mind and relaxaced body. There are easy steps to meditation to help  us for proper practice. It makes us free from all kinds of our mental and physical problems. Many diseases like blood pressure and heart problems can be cured by practicing it regularly. Certain restrictions are imposed […]

Sep 262009
What Is The Definition Of Meditation?

Meditation means Dhyana in sanskrit. It can be defined as “Meditation is a path to self realization” or “a journey towards God”. It is a kind of spiritual practice which can bind the mind, body and soul together. Meditation is the eternal flow of our thoughts about the almighty or the soul. It makes us […]