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Sep 152009
What Is Kundalini Kriya Yoga?

Kundalini is awakened by different forms of yoga namely Hatha yoga, Raja yoga and Dhyan yoga. Complete¬† awakening can be made through kundalini yoga to have enlightenment. Different Kriyas are performed by kundalini yogi whether they are awake or in sleep in order to make a passage in the body to move from the base […]

Sep 122009
How Kundalini Power Activated By Mantras?

Kundalini can be awaken through different Yoga Asanas, Pranayam, Diksha (transfer of divine energy from teacher to disciple), Kriya Yoga, Mantra and even Ayurvedic herbs and Potions. There is another option available for the seekers named Ras Vigyan (use of consecrated mercury). The safest way is through the mantra sadhana and it should be tried […]

Sep 112009
Kundalini Awakening Experiences

Kundalini awakening is a very interesting and unique thing for seekers to know about. There are different symptoms in different persons and it always varies from person to person. Some common experiences can be described. There are some common symptoms that are usually experienced in the awakening of kundalini. Usual or Common Experiences We have […]

Sep 042009
What Are Kundalini Syndrome Symptoms?

The Kundalini Syndrome is composed of some symptoms which are related to our sensory, mental and effective symptoms. Meditation is also related to it. Scientific research in the field of psychiatry, near death studies and transpersonal psychology has shown that the kundalini can create multiple problems of sensory, mental, motor and symptoms of effectiveness. The […]

Sep 032009
How Kundalini Is Awaken By Indian Yogis?

Kundalini means coiled and Kundalini yoga is like a coiled serpent. It is primary wish of all human being on this earth that they want to attain eternal happiness. Yogis have over the years tried to get this eternal bliss through Kundalini power. The faculty of thinking and reasoning is only present in human being. […]

Sep 022009
Seven Kundalini Yoga Chakras

Kundalini power is divided into seven chakras. This is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. Kundalini Shakti (Power) flows in coil like path in our body around spinal cord. Chakras are considered as ‘energy centers’ of divine power. The energy of these chakras remains in a sleeping state until it is awaken. These chakras are […]

Aug 292009
How Kundalini Yoga Is Related To Chakras?

Kundalini chakras in yoga can be practiced in different ways. The word Chakras is taken from the Sanskrit language which means wheel or vortex and refers to the seven energy centers. Our consciousness and energy system is to be developed out this energy. The function of these energy centers is to regulate the flow of […]

Aug 282009
What Is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is not only an ancient form of spiritual yoga but also practiced in all countries of the world. Kundalini is an energy which is untapped at the base of our spine. It can be practiced by awakening the seven charkas of yoga. An enlightenment is achieved when this energy climbs up to crown […]