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Sep 232009

Our inner peace and tranquility can be had by practicing breathing meditation. Breathing may be used as a technique to make our mind calm and free from stress. We need breathing meditation to put break on the distractions and make our mind more clear and lucid. This is the simplest meditation and can be practiced by any one.

Deep breathing is virtually very powerful technique. Meditation through breathing is really a primary stage of meditation. We can have inner peace and contentment through meditation by keeping control over our mind without depending on external environment.

Breathing is really very amazing and unique technique of meditation. It is the breathing which is playing the role of a bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. Our mind is always working on consciously. Our subconscious mind is consciously working.

How To Meditate With Deep Breathing?

We should select a quiet place sitting with cross-legged or any posture of our choice to make ourselves comfortable. Try to keep the back and spine in straight posture so that sleepiness of our mind could be stopped. We should practice meditation with partially closing our eyes and our attention be focused on deep breathing. The breathing must be constant, deep and made through the nostrils. The awareness about the breathing sensation should be realized which is the object of our meditation.

Our mind will start feeling the reality of our awareness. The different thoughts will disrupt our mind but it be stopped by focusing on the sensation of our breathing. Our wandering thoughts can be controlled by concentration on breathing, and this process may be repeated as many as we want it until our mind is focused completely on breathing.

If the mind is distracted, take it easily but not as disturbance. Just keep watching those thoughts without involving yourself. After some time, thoughts will be moderate and then vanished. This way the state of meditation is attained. This technique is called ‘Sakshi Dhyana’. It should be practiced with patience and an inner peace and relaxation of mind will be experienced shortly. Mental calmness is to be kept by us for a while to relish it.

Tension and stress are the products of our own mind caused by outer world, these can be distracted. Many problems of health arise from our mind only. There is change in our personality and can be experienced by our own self. It will be quite easy for us to face any problem in our lives. An actual happiness is felt from within our own mind. Relationship with people gets improvement.

It is only through breathing practice that relaxation and peace of mind is made possible. We have to face the conflicts between our desires and aims of our conscious mind with the subconscious mind. We have to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual unity by reintegrating our mind towards our goals and beliefs. The breathing exercise gives us ways to get it.

Our breath is a common denominator to fight against all problems of our lives. All the functions of our physical and spiritual life is controlled by the breathing system of our body. Meditation through breathing is the best way to win over all our problems. Our philosophical and spiritual stages can be attained with breathing meditation techniques.

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