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Oct 262009

We have heard everything about seven chakras namely the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and the crown chakra but least information is given regarding the Bindu chakra. Bindu means focus, point or a dot and it is approximately placed near at the point on the back of the head. This the point where the Brahimins in India grow a single tuft of hair, on the back of their heads just to give honor to this chakra. It is clearly said about this point that it can produce nectar of immortality or poison of death.

Nectar Of Immortality: Bindu chakra can create miracle type situation because our life has to be immortalized or poison of death. There is no doubt that knowledge is powerful and wisdom and experiences are immortal.

This chakra can become a center of energy which can synthesize the knowledge with the experiences. Inspiration and wisdom is attained with the success of this synthesis and misunderstanding or mispersception if it is not synthesised. This wisdom is good for the person who is practicing for Bindu chakra.

Commune with Realm of Spirit: It is the religion which creates hatred on the frequent use of our commune with the realm of spirit or deity. These were once considered as a inhabited body physically present on the occasion. Now a days these ritual have become a meditation techniques which are considered an invaluable and separate practices in the society. The mythology of this chakra is called as pre-upright crown chakra and this also shows how the society has evolved gradually.

The Safest Trance of Work: It is always known as the safest to get trained for trance work which is done under the guidance of an experienced master for the practitioners. Strong imbalances in the energy can be caused if the required focus and dedication is not followed properly. We can experience that our energy  would connect us through the back of our head where our spine and skull is meeting.

Self-illumination is Created: Bindu chakra is actually placed between the sixth and seventh chakras. This chakra is always taken as a source of self-illumination and is a source of creation also. This chakra is such a miraculous chakra that it can bring us in touch with our inner creativity and awareness. The realization of God becomes possible in this chakra. This is basically awakened through Vishuddha chakra and it becomes possible for the person to reach it through this channel.

Effects Differ from Person to Person: It has been observed that the difference may be found in the nectrar immortality from person to person and our understanding of the spirit might be valuable but the same not be the case with others who have experienced it.

This chakra is really not easy to experience but with continued practice, can be possible for the practitioners to gain out of it. We should be very regular in doing it properly and we need patience and will power to be successful in it.