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May 272010

In Sanskrit language ‘ardh’ means half, ’chandra ‘means moon or shining. The moon has got a rich and important symbolic in yoga .The sun and moon refers to two polar energies of body of a human being. This half moon pose is better to be done near the wall. This crescent posture is suitable to individual of all age.


1. Stand on your knees, feet placed on mattress.
2. Keep your neck and back straight.
3. Place your hands on chest in folding position.
4. Bend backward while breathing in and stay in this position for few seconds.
5. Slowly exhale and come back to the first  position.


Stay in this posture from thirty second to one minute


  • Strengthen leg and hip abductors.
  • Strengthen lungs.
  • Useful for spinal cord diseases.
  • Useful for thyroid disease.


  • Don’t do it if you have back or shoulder pain, low blood pressure, diarrhea, or insomnia.
  • Skip this posture if you have headaches  or migraine.