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Oct 082009

Anahata chakra is also known as Heart Chakra or Cardiac Plexus. In sanskrit ‘anahata’ means unstuck sound. It provides the place where the spirituality penetrates into our physicality and is absolutely free from any control. This heart chakra also gives us love in true sense for other. Heart chakra’s symbol is, lotus with twelve petals and the color is green, which is also known as green swirl or star of 5th dimension heart chakra.

Any type of blockage can damage our immune system and keep us heart-broken and without compassion. Vibrations start in our lives right from the twenty one to twenty-eight years. We are really aware of our karma, our life actions, our faith and all these factors make us to achieve balance.

How to Open Heart Center Chakra? : It is virtually said that the younger age of a person makes him to run like a deer and always keeps on changing directions swiftly with an angular path. A person has a dreamy eye, restless wandering likes a deer and quick fight with other for nothing. All our emotional disturbances come under our control when it is controlled properly. Anahata chakra gives good religion, right tendencies and fragrance in life, balance and sanctity. Some purgatory system need to be done in order to remove our negativity. Our conscious gets illumined in clarity and our goodness is sanctified in life.

Chakra of our Heart and love: This chakra is also known as a heart and love chakra. It is place in the middle of the seven chakras and it is related to love and is creating effects in the opposite of our psychic mind and body, male and female, ego and unity and persona sand shadow. This chakra also gives us permission to love deeply, feel compassion for others, get deeper sense of peace of mind and complete centeredness. It cures our lungs, balances our higher and lower sense of being.

Sense for Feeling of Others: This chakra makes us to develop feeling for others and our sense of touch gets highly developed. These persons get the power to heal others by just touch or creating some radiating energy in their bodies to cure others. This miraculous healing by touch is made possible by this chakra only. This chakra makes our heart a divine place and also psychological center of idealism. We feel freedom from selfishness, emotional instability and divinity is achieved just by opening the knot of emotional bondages.

Love on Transpersonal Point: It makes us to develop our capacity of love on the transpersonal point and our energy is converted from lower to the higher level. Our heart center never gets imbalanced and this is only possible if the person really getting transition. We feel the extreme swing between ecstasy and despair, feeling of loss, separation, crisis emotional and sensitivity. We get the feeling of wish-fulfilling tree and try to feel at the top of the world. This tree starts to give fruit and we feel that our wishes are being fulfilled.