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Oct 142009

Ajna or Brow Chakra is sixth kundalini chakra, practiced for all benefits related to mind and body. The word Ajna is taken from the sanskrit language and it means infinite or union of the individual consciousness with the eternal infinite. This consciousness exits beyond our existence and it is beyond time and space as well. The real yoga is the merging of our consciousness into the finite. It is also called yoga of space and sky.

Third Eye of Mind: Ajna or Agya chakra is assumed to be located between the eyebrows. Yogis try to concentrate on this point while meditation, to open and balance brow chakra, therefore it is also called third eye. This chakra makes us to accept the idea of intuition and insight. This makes possible for us to use self-reflection of our own self. Ajna chakra provides us the benefits of physical, mental and spiritual activities. Our thoughts are turned into reality and the spirituality starts awakening. There are various elements associated with brow chakra.

Visualization and Meditation: The seeker can attain everything by using visualization, meditation and self-analysis. It should be positive visualization through which we can easily reach to the reality. We must be intuitive in order to overcome all obstacle of life. We are to increase our quality to balance ourselves, this helps us to our important decisions. This intuition will help us to seek the deeper truth in our lives. This may sharpen our awareness. We find ourselves in position to do well to other.

Sixth Chakra: Agya or brow chakra is the sixth chakra out of seven kundalini chakras present in the body. This chakra is a kind of energy which is located in special part of our body and organs of that part is controlled by it. It makes a sort of bridge between our body and mind. It is located at the top of our spine and is related to pituitary gland and our brain. This chakra gives us the power of intuitiveness. It also improves the functioning of our traits and personality. Some psychic powers are also related to it.

Inner Guru: Ajna also means to command and is called Guru Chakra because it connects us to inner guru. The divine eye is awakened and we reach to the higher stage. We can build our power of intuition. It enhances our psychic power. We refine our awareness and improve our wisdom. It makes us to connect ourselves with higher self.

Free mind which is actually free from attachment is nicely built. Energetic condition is increased immensely. It makes us to promote our flow of kundalini power into the higher center. Our lucid dreams are promoted by us through it. One pointedness of mind is achieved. We improve our vision and health and well being. Regular practice of this chakra is needed so that the desired results are achieved. Keep patience and try to be punctual in our practice.